Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Open Thread

Rugby plays Middle Tennessee State tomorrow at 1:30 PM (Burger Bowl) and Men's Basketball hosts N.C. State at 1 PM (AMC)

What is on your mind today?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

2009 Yellow Jacket football schedule is out

My life is officially scheduled for 2009.

Sept. 5 vs. Jacksonville State
Sept. 10 vs. Clemson (ESPN)
Sept. 17 @ Miami (ESPN)
Sept. 26 vs. North Carolina
Oct. 3 @ Mississippi State
Oct. 10 @ Florida State
Oct. 17 vs. Virginia Tech
Oct. 24 @ Virginia
Oct. 31 @ Vanderbilt
Nov. 7 vs. Wake Forest
Nov. 14 @ Duke
Nov. 28 vs. Georgia

I don't give a damn if the Miami game is on a Thursday... I'm still going to make it.

Edit: I kind of wrinkled my nose at the idea of not playing Clemson closer to mid-season, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. We get a nice warm up game, then hit the ground running by playing people we love to hate and hate to love.

I just realized that October is going to be the least productive month of my life. Totally worth it.

Click here to see the rest of the ACC schedules.

Edit: Winfield already mentioned this in the comments, but Halloween shall be spent in Nashville. Oh yeah.

Who else is down for road trippin'?

Beesball on the horizon

It is now T-9 days and counting until we hear the first official *ping* of the season. The anticipation continues to build as you hear the noise and see the team practicing as you have to trudge to class. (Why can't I be that good?). It will be nice to be the favorite in a sporting event again. Basketball is leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

We open the season where we left it, playing Lipscomb University, a team that we faced in the Athens Regional of the NCAA Tournament last June. The Bison proved to be a scrappy bunch as they beat the Mutts in the first round, but their lack of depth proved to be too much for them by the end of the weekend.

Let's look at some important games on the schedule:

2/20-2/22: vs. Lipscomb: Opening Weekend! That means when the sun goes down, it's gonna be cold.

2/24-2/25, 4/7-4/8: vs. Georgia Southern: I hate losing to any in-state school in baseball.

3/24: vs. Georgia State: Same as above

3/25,4/14, and 5/12: vs. Georgie: Same as above + We really really hate Georgie. Piss on 'Em!

3/27-3/29: @ Miami: Stick it to Jim Morris plus Miami is one of the teams we must beat to take the conference.

4/03-4/05: vs UNC: Back-to-back must win weekends. This series being in Atlanta could make the difference.

4/24-4/26: @ Clemson: Not only is it finals week, it's also a fantastic roadtrip weekend. Plus, this series is always heated.

5/08-5/09: vs. Florida State: Home Series. This is incredibly important. Close to the end of the season. Huge Series. Selection Committee watching. Florida State baseball. Enough said.

Looking forward, these series are the most crucial in the season. The early, non-conference games, mainly for pride, but nonetheless, important. To be the big dog, we gotta beat the big dogs and lately Miami, Florida State, and UNC have proven themselves.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good news and VT sucks

So here's some really good news for Fball and baseball fans. Jerrard Tarrant was reinstated today after all charges were dropped against him. I still don't understand how there was ever a case against him. The charges were pretty weird. Also good news of note, Marx Teixeira set up an endowment for a baseball scholarship. It never hurts to have alumni giving back. The story actually inspired me to buy my season ticket about 10 minutes ago...well I actually bought it before I read the story but the story made me even more proud to be a Yellow Jacket.

Cheers to a possible GT Victory Tonight!

Question: What happens when you drive slowly through Blacksburg?
Answer: You get a degree.

Question: Why doesn't the Hokie basketball team have ice in their coolers?
Answer: The guy with the recipe graduated.

To Hell with VT! Give 'em Hell GA Tech!

Sunburned shins and GT Rugby

This past weekend was some of the most beautiful weather I've seen in a long time. After working on the Reck and the garage all day, then grabbing some pizza and power houring to the greatest power hour video/music mashup up all time, I dragged my body out of bed about 9:00 a.m. on Saturday.

I'm beginning to train for Highland weight events, so I headed out to the Burger Bowl (Tech's "anything goes" athletics field) to get some throws in. I watched the women's rugby club warm up for their game against UGA while doing so.

I managed to go back to my apartment and shower and grab a cooler full of beer and get back to the game a few minutes after it started. It was about 68 degrees outside, hardly any clouds, and it put me in a happy place. Well, the beer helped too.

We may have lost to the mutts (they finally beat us in something this year), but our men's team took the field and beat Kennesaw State (I'll give a beer to anyone who can find their "Our Time Is Hear" website... dipshits...), a team that was apparently ranked higher than us. I'm not sure how these rankings work, but it was a hell of a game.

Between the people running into each other, the beer, the weather, and riding around in the Reck, it was one of the most Techtastic Saturdays of all time. Later that night, my shins began to itch really bad. I pulled up my pants leg, and to my surprise my shin is pretty darn red. I guess kicking back with my feet on the cooler has its price, but it was totally worth it.

The GT Men's Rugby team plays an exhibition game against Middle Tennessee State this Saturday @ 1:00 p.m. The weather may not be as great as last weekend, but it's still worth checking out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look on the bright side, the weather's nice

Woe is GT...blah blah blah. I understand that GT bball is struggling...maybe struggling is an understatement.

Personally, I am still following the bball games and particularly this coming weekend's game against State. I work with about 5 or 6 NC State grads that annoy the Hell outta me about anything and everything State. So this weekend is CRUCIAL.

Now I know Winfield is giving mad props to the upcoming baseball season but I gotta send a shoutout to one of my favorite sports at GT: softball. Reasons for enjoying softball games: 1) Women 2) Weather 3) Speed and tempo of the games 4) Great venue. You're probably all thinking, "This guy's a poser and has never been to a softball game." I'll call your bluff with Exhibit A:

That would be me in the white t-shirt in front of the front left fender of the Wreck (this would also be the last time I parked so close to the infield). I was not alone either. And this was not the only game I attended because I enjoyed the atmosphere. If I could recommend a game to attend, I'd obviously recommend Georgia games because both teams really turn it up against eachother (plus, Coach Perkins is undefeated against her alma mater). Some quick home schedule highlights, to me, are the following:

*March 14th - Kennessaw State (inner city rivalry)
*March 28th-29th - FSU series
*April 10th-11th - NC State series (Wolfpack fans show up to this series)
*April 25th-26th - UNC series

Those are some weekend series that'll let you get out and enjoy the Spring time weather in ATL and the brand new Softball stadium.

Are you boggled by passion for the non-rev sports? Are you jaded because you were on the swimming team and I didn't mention you by name? Discussion is also welcome to anyone who is ready for the weather to stay nice.

5 reasons you should care about ...

It's almost football season!

Ok, no, it's really far away, but you can go ahead and start deciding how next season is going to turn out. Yes, even you can have my extraordinary predictive abilities, becoming a seer of all things college football. And I am here to give you the resources you need to do so. So begins our exploration of our enemies' recently finalized recruiting business, starting with the North Carolina Tar heels.

The top 5 reasons you should care about UNC's recruiting activities:

1. Because they made us look really, really bad last year. Duh. We turned the ball over 3 times within 40 yards of their goal line. They didn't need the help, but with those kinds of gifts, they couldnt help but beat us. Badly. Sigh...

2. Hakeem Nicks didn't leave. In fact, he just changed his name. That's what UNC fans seem to think, at least, of Jheranie Boyd. Highlight reels are always strange, because great high school players often way outclass their opponents, but this kid actually may be the real deal.

3. Butch Davis will cut a bitch.

4. Donte Moss is a scary, scary man. I have a hard time reading ESPN's writeups of recruits, because even decent college coaching is far superior to any high school coaching. This kid has all the tools to become a man-beast.

5. Bryn Renner - Despite having a stupid name and herp on the face, he is expected to be a serious QB threat. You know, the kind that generally destroy our secondary (see Fatford to Massaquoi, 11/29/08).

Next up, we are going to look at a team we beat AND WE HAVE 9 CHOICES FOR THAT HAHAHAHA THANK YOU PAUL JOHNSON.

Oh yeah, To Hell With georgia!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Who cursed the basketball gods?

And why the hell did you do it?!

We lost again, this time we had 3-4 chances to make a last second shot and couldn't do it. Baseball can't get here soon enough.