Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beat Clemson

Let's get serious.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday/ Weekend News


...And women's basketball slowly takes priority over the men's team. A big congratulations on their win last night over #2 North Carolina. MaChelle Joseph is building something over there and slowly making some noise.

Saturday, we play Clemson @ Clemson. The Tigers are having their typical basketball season as of late. Win 16-20 in a row, then lose and fall apart. A win on Saturday will do a lot for the team AND the fans both mentally and physically. The weight of not winning a conference game only gets heavier.


Congratulations to Durant Brooks! Tonight, his jersey will be retired at Tattnall Square Academy. Durant is now on the Green Bay Packers and is the 2007 Ray Guy Award Winner.

Tomorrow is the Senior Bowl where we have 1 Yellow Jacket participating. Many of you know that Michael Johnson will not be participating in the bowl game. However, Vance Walker will still be playing.


Let the countdown begin for baseball and being favored to win games. Georgia Tech opens up against Lipscomb on February 20th. Lipscomb is familiar opponent as the Bison and Yellow Jackets were both in the Athens, GA Regional of the NCAA Baseball Tournament last June. in Athens, GA. Currently the Jackets are ranked #13 in the NCBWA poll and #20 in the first Baseball America poll. A projected starting lineup and pitching rotation is available here.

Love for Matt Wieters: Keith Law of Scouts Inc./ has the top minor league prospects ranked. and Wieters is number 1. Wieters has played great baseball in the minors and is well on his way to make it to "The Show". Expect to seem him in the big leagues this summer.

Discussion: Who was the greatest Georgia Tech baseball player? Wieters? Texiera? Varitek? Nomar? Danny Payne? Someone else? Comment below.

Women's Hoops & Men's Pep Talk

Congrats to the women. GT defeated #2 North Carolina last night. In women's hoops, there always seems to be 3-5 unstoppable teams that meet in the Final Four every year: Duke, UConn, UNC, Tennessee, etc.. Seeing Tech defeat one of those elite programs is definitely a HUGE accomplishment. Tech is 14-4 overall and 2-2 conference going into Sunday's game against Duke.

Men's bball, on the other hand, is playing for pride now. We've gotta take care of Clemson for all the GT grads living in the Palmetto State. Clemson is reeling and GT is in desparate need of a W. I wanna see Tech go into Little John and punch Clemson in the throat. I do not like Clemson. I put them behind FSU and ahead of Duke on my severe dislike list. So let's kick some SC upstate ass. Please.

Open discussion on hoops programs is welcome.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Wonderful, 790 the Zone is back for more GT sports action... Personally, I only really care for the 2 Live Stews 'cause they'll rep GT pretty good on the show. I know a lot of GT fans don't care for them but I think Ryan Stewart really is one of the best critics/fans of GT sports on the radio.

Personally, I've met with D-Rad a few times and I've always enjoyed his enthusiasm and business approach to our athletic department. I feel like everything in the GTAA has a shine to it that it didn't have under Braine. There's a completely different approach - a hand's on approach - to every aspect of athletics and it's appreciated by this GT fan.

Concerning the media deal, I guess we're doing the best we can with what we got, right? I'd like to assume there's a reason ISP has 62 other schools under its umbrella. I normally would've complained about the lack of GT radio coverage in SC but I've got the Sirius now so that issue is resolved.

Any thoughts on 790 the Bone? Do you hate/love the 2 Live Stews? How 'bout David Pollack on our flagship?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lightening the Mood

Forget about our basketball team for a while and head on over to Block-C, where they found Video Game Sportscenter.

Overtime Blues

GT is 1-3 in overtime games this season. I give the team credit for the comeback but damn we gotta figure something out. We've got a 272:307 assist to turnover ratio on the season. I'm guessing this number has leaned more to the right as the ACC season has kicked in (e.g. we were 13:20 against BC).

GT had six OT's in 1962 (5-1 record) so that's the record for most OT's in a season. And FYI, GT has played Georgia in 14 overtime games with an overall record of 9-5 against the dogs.

Any thoughts on the overtime loss to BC? Do you enjoy the wintery weather we're having? I thought snow disrupted Georgia. Try living in rural South Carolina when it snows.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Over the weekend things get a little slow around here so you may have forgotten that we blew yet another big lead against NC State on Saturday. But it's ok! We still got Derrick Favors! Woo F'ing Hoo!

Tonight, Boston College comes to town and you can almost say they are having a worse season than us right now as they had the beat down UNC and then promptly lose to Harvard and go on a 4 game losing streak. At least we don't have a marquee win to look at and wonder where we went wrong afterwards.....A win today would be fantastic because up next on the schedule are back-to-back games against Clemson (in Clemson) and at home against now #1 Wake Forest

Speaking of the cripple fight tonight, the guys at BC Interruption gave us "5 Good Minutes" to discuss tonight's game. Here's the link.

Positive Basketball Note! There is a "very good chance" D'Andre Bell will be back for next year. From all of us here at The Legacyx4, we wish you a quick and safe recovery De'Andre. Bell is on track to graduate in May but could potentially pursue a dual degree or an MBA. Representing the student in student-athlete.

The Week Ahead
  • 1/20: Men's Basketball vs. Boston College
  • 1/21: Women's Basketball vs. UNC
  • 1/25: Men's Basketball @ Clemson
  • 1/25: Women's Basketball vs. Duke

Finally, what is the one element that will help us win tonight's game? Post below!

1992 GT/ UGAg Game

This particular game goes down in a Yellow Jacket fan's lore not because of the game but because of the way the band behaved. For those of you who don't know, the '92 game was held in Athens and when the band went on the field to perform during halftime, they promptly covered up the UGA logo. The UGA fans, so caught up in what was going on, sat in their seats and booed the GT band during the entire performance. Once the GT show was over, the mutts get up and leave for their troughs to piss in, completely emptying the seats for the UGAg band. So here's a little offseason To Hell with Georgia for ya.

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's-a-me, Mario!

Cheers to the Hawks W. Get well Mario.

The Whiz

How do we explain Ken Whisenhunt's Cardinals? I only really have one explanation: engineering background. Whisenhunt was a Civil Engineering major who graduated from Tech in 1985. He actually finished his career at Tech, as a tight end, with the secondmost receiving yards in school history and fourthmost receptions (he's currently 16th in receptions and 14th in yardage).

Whisenhunt quarterbacked one game for Tech in 1980 against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He stepped in as the starter Mike Kelley and his backup were both injured in game. Whisenhunt attempted one pass and was sacked before he got to pass. The game ended in a tie 3-3 and derailed Notre Dame's quest for an MNC. Sadly, it also allowed ugag to vault to #1 in the polls and an eventual title.

I will slightly pull for the Cardinals as Whisenhunt reps the I but will not forget the loss incurred by the Falcons to his posse. I guess the irony is that Whisenhunt designed the offense that took the Steelers to their lone Cowher Super Bowl win and now he's coaching against that same offense in his first attempt at a Lombardi Trophy.

Any thoughts on NFL playoffs or GT alum involved in playoffs?