Friday, February 27, 2009

Sports technology debate

Terence Moore opened a barrage on the Georgia Tech swim team for wearing Speedo's new LZR suits. I generally don't mind Terence Moore or any other AJC writers. They don't get under my skin. However, I think Terence Moore was trying to sound codgery and old-fashioned but came off as merely ignorant.

The article does bring up an interesting debate about performance enhancing drugs versus performance enhancing equipment. I'd say they are equivalent in certain respects because they both increase your performance. But if they're allowed by the rules, then who gives a rat's ass if you're popping vitamins or wearing Nike Shox? The LZR suits are allowed by NCAA regs so they're not cheating. Composite materials are allowed in golf/baseball/softball. High tops with ankle/arch support are allowed in basketball. The Hans device is allowed in NASCAR. All of these advances have greatly increased the competitiveness of their respective sports and allowed TONS of records to be broken.

The failure in Moore's article is that he doesn't really understand materials, fluid mechanics, or swimming in general. And for all the laymen that read this blog, the suit simply repels water BETTER than other suits on the market. All swim suits are made with materials that repel water otherwise our trunks would never dry and some people may not even be able to tread water. (On a side note, I don't think the sport of swimming would've ever even developed if not for advanced materials research) The inherent act of swimming is not altered. The swimmers are not webbing their fingers and toes or growing dorsal fins or altering their bodies. They are merely utilizing the best technology presented to them that is within the limits of the rules.

Sports technology makes sports more entertaining for the spectators. However, when sports technology creates a negative impact on a participants's quality of life (i.e. steroids), then we should take issue. If Terrence Moore really wanted a solid debate, he should've said that we should regress all the way to ancient Olympics fashion where all sports are competed in naked and with all natural materials. Women's bball/softball/etc. ratings would sky rocket. I'd venture to say the NFL would be one of the least watched sports on TV.

Anyone wanna talk dynamics or materials or add to the conversation?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ramblin' Reck History: A Story

The history of the one and only Ramblin' Reck can be a little vague. So here is a story that adds to what makes the Reck so special:

Honestly, this is one of my favorites. The Reck was taken to Knoxville and painted Tennessee Volunteer Orange after the Reck Club had been told by UT officials that it would be taken care of. The following article was written by the Sports Editor of the Technique in reponse to the act. I hope y'all enjoy it.

Trivia Tidbit: GA Representative Phil Gingrey was the Reck Driver that year.

Vols Paint Reck, UT to Receive Bill
Jim Simpson, Sports Editor, October 18, 1963

There is no news in the fact that the Yellow Jackets flattened the UT Vols last Saturday. No doubt the Jackets would have won even had they not been angry over losing 7-6 to LSU, but anger can produce the desire to exert that little bit extra, and the Recks probably got a little hot under the collar upon seeing the Ramblin' Reck painted glaring red-orange.

That's right-RED-ORANGE. The Reck was towed to Knoxville last Friday and stored under lock and key on the UT campus. The administration of the University of Tennessee had agreed to provide for the security of the car, and should have had the foresight to preclude any attempts by pranksters to tamper
with our Model A. However there was no nightwatchman, and someone succeeded in breaking in and painting the Reck-top, sides and tires-rather thoroughly.

I would say that we at Tech are definitely not against practical jokes, but the UT boys carried this one a little too far. One hears from time to time of the kidnapping of a mascot, but as yet I haven't heard of one being shot, which is comparable to the dousing of the Reck.

The repair bills will be sent shortly to the University, with the hope of being reimbursed in full. However this expectation may never be compiled with after the much disputed and finally refused protest of UT Athletic director Bob Woodruff concerning the 54 yard pass play by Lothridge and Davis in last
Saturday's game.

Speaking of "shooting a mascot"...about 5 years later, an Auburn fan shot the Ramblin' Reck in the radiator.

My yesterday was better than your yesterday

Things I did yesterday:

Dropped a class, thus avoiding the test that I would have had to take last night (long story, and no, I'm not lazy).

Met the new President Peterson, who shook my hand twice, and actually remembered my name on his way out. The Reck (escorted in part by me) met him as he entered the Student Center. From what I understand, even DRad and Coach Paul Johnson had to wait in line just like everyone else later on. I didn't. Oh yeah.

Rode around campus in the Reck, as our new driver took it offroad and squeezed it through to normally non-traffic areas.

Ate a chicken tender basket at Junior's, but only because I am a very bad Catholic.

Got a picture with Tommy and the Reck.

Told you.

In other news, GT Men's Rugby dropped a game to Georgia Southern last weekend 17-6, and they played Emory last night play Emory tonight (sorry, Winfield told me it was last night, and we all know what happens when you listen to Winfield). Outcome will be updated later, after I make a few calls or one of the players updates the GT Men's Rugby homepage.

A 'Boro Series Split and Thursday News Musings

The Yellow Jackets righted the ship yesterday. Starter Kevin Jacob and (my favorite) freshman Matt Skole continued to make his presence felt as he drove in 3 runs on the night. Here's the GSU perspective. For the weekend Skole went 3-8 with 4 RBI's. On the season Matt is hitting .400 (2nd highest on the team). What can I say? He's a badass. And he's younger than me . Dammit.

The President has arrived! President George "Bud" Peterson has arrive on campus and met the Ramblin' Reck yesterday. He was quickly informed of the fact that there has been one and only one Ramblin' Reck to which he seemed pleased. He also received his own personal copy of the T-Book.


Yes, the season is still going. Terrence Moore writes the stereotypical article saying something along the lines of Hewitt isn't finished yet or whatnot. However, I find this quote that I find quite poignant.

Which brings us to the final reason for that light. Added Hewitt, “I’ve recruited more now this year than I ever have during the season. You’re trying to offset the possibility of this ever happening again.”

Well where the hell have you been Paul?! Bobby Cremins once said that his biggest mistake was NOT preparing for Stephon Marbury leaving early and how he TOLD YOU THAT. Did you not learn from that past?

We'll end this on a good note. Larry Harstein has a Q&A with Morgan Burnett here. Enjoy it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baseball falls in the 'Boro 6-5

Goodbye sweet undefeated season. You were beautiful while you lasted.

Thomas Nichols couldn't shut the door in the 7th inning as he gave up the Eagles first lead of the game. The Jackets play again tonight @ Georgia Southern. First pitch is 4pm and you can listen to the game on WREK radio.

More analysis after the series.

Starbury stompin' in Bean Town

Stephon Marbury finally reached a deal with the New York Knicks. Starbury's next destination is most likely the Boston Celtics where he can be the #2 point guard and give some instant offense to a Celtics bench that is struggling.

I've always enjoyed watching Stephon Marbury. I only remember a few of his games from college (due to his short stay) but I remember him havin' some pretty sweet skills for a freshman. I know there are some GT fans that feel slighted by Marbury's quick jump to the NBA and his sometimes complete lack of charisma on the national stage but honestly the guy isn't that bad.

His Starbury apparel line is pretty indicative of the type of person that he is. Not many NBAers take risks like Stephon and I applaud his efforts. I hope he succeeds at Boston.

Any thoughts on the Starbury deal, the NBA, or players leaving college early?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Helen Hunt is a big ol' snuggybear

Anyone who has lived in Georgia for more than one football season knows that the Athens cultists have a very, very predictable pattern. Generally, their preseason expectations are that not only will they win the big show, usually stemming from ignoring every other facet of CFB during the offseason.

They (obviously) don't meet those expectations and until after the spring game (where they crown some overrated running back as the next coming of Herschel Walker), they spend most of their time praising St. Richt's "integrity" yet wondering if he and his staff can "take them all the way". It even gets in the press. Current topic of discussion? The fact that Mark Richt is, well, kind of a sissy.

Is Mark Richt intense enough? The jist of the collective dawg answer: sure.


Is St. Richt intense enough?

Not for us.


GA Southern Baseball Preview

Normally, I don't really keep up with the midweek scrimmages because we usually T.C.O.B. but being that we're instate and GSU's not that bad, here's a little preview of the Jackets-Eagles matchup on Tuesday and Wednesday.

GSU heads into the game 3-0 after sweeping Presbyterian in their first series of the season. Southern was 33-25 last season including a 1-5 record against ACC opponents (GT went 3-0 and BC went 2-1 against the Eagles). The Eagles are led offensively by A.J. Wirnsberger and Ty Wright who are both mid-.300 hitters and capable of going the yard combining for 38 homers last season.

If GSU is looking for quality wins, here's their chance to get some for their NCAA resume against Tech's midweek rotation. I'm not terribly worried about the Eagles as Tech's offense should handle the Eagles B-team pitching staff but crazier things have happened in Statesboro. Tech is 34-12 all time in Statesboro and 80-25 all time against the Eagles.

Any beesball fans out there? I'd also highly suggest attending Tech baseball games for disenchanted Braves fans. I know there are a lot out there right now. Nothing beats the ping of the metal bats.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Clean sweep

Tech swept Lipscomb in epic fashion by blowing the lead of the third game in the ninth inning but finishing off the Bison with a walk-off homer.

Series notes: Tech accumulated 27 runs in three games, giving up only 6. Tech's pitchers racked up 25 strikeouts while Tech hitters belted 5 homers in the series. Matt Skole is a Freshman Beast. It will be fun watching him play.

Next up: GA Southern in Statesboro - a fun series if you're willing to make the drive. Last year, we set a record for attendance at GSU's stadium.

This ain't no rivalry Holmes!

uga fans love to jibber-jabber about the "decrease in attention" given to Tech as of late. Well, I present to you above exhibit A: Rennie Curran, uga linebacker, lifting above a mat with one date inscribed. November 28, 2009.

I guess they're aware of the Yellow Jackets now after getting punched in the throat at home. Oh boy, can't wait.