Friday, June 12, 2009


The previous entry regarding the off-the-field talent that KU has led to a stroke of genius last night (softball, swing away).

Since that post was so popular, we decided to give you more of what you liked by going through this season's football schedule and showing you the women who are associated with the teams we play.

This was all I came up with, and I had to creep through JSU Zeta's webiste to find it... believe me, pickins were slim.

Since there's no hope of finding enough pictures to make this post worthwhile, I give you these:

Check back for the Clemson edition.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Less than 86 days

Something like that.

In case you didn't fully realize that we have less than three months until kickoff, let the following be a reminder.

Afternoon Football Debate

I remember listening to Chuck and Chernoff last week on 680 The Fan. 680 will always be better than 790, because 790 straight up blows.

Back on track...they played a clip from Gary Stokan, president of the Atlanta Sports Council, who was discussing the Georgia Dome and football and an interesting topic came up. The issue that came up was "would the ASC ever try to get the Georgia/ Georgia Tech game in the Dome?"

The president responded that he was very interested. He expressed interest in possibly moving the game to the beginning of the season (WTF?!). Both Chuck Oliver and Matt Chernoff gave their viewpoints after the audio piece. I have summarized them below:

Chuck Oliver: UGA will never give up their home field adavantage for the Dome. Would be in support of the game going to the Dome, only DO NOT MOVE IT TO SEPTEMBER.

Chernoff: Agreed with Oliver mostly. Said that Tech would probably be willing to give up their home field advantage because there is not much advantage to be had (hey we're working on it). Could also use the money that could be made from increased ticket sales and revenue.

So I ask you, would you be willing to give up a home game to play in the Dome and possibly let in more 'gaggers? Would you ever be interested in moving Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate into September?

This writer says NO! to both.

Finding the Ladies of Lawrence

Is there hope for Dane in Lawrence, KS?

Poor Dane. All he ever wanted was to go to Ole Miss next year in his gold seersucker suit and work his magic with the Girls of The Grove. Unfortunately, Houston Nutt had other plans and gave Dane the middle finger. He got scared of Paul Johnson's "mythical" offense and backed out...throwing Dane into fits of curses. So after a little bit of searching around the interwebs and DoubleExtraPoint, my go-to source for anything about the Girls of College Football, I found a few pics for what I dub: The Ladies of Lawrence.

Apparently they have a beach in Kansas? No just kidding. But she does go to KU!

There is even a Women of KU Calendar. Yes, it is all with farm machinery. But this is Kansas, the Great Plains, the land of Buffalo Bill, there isn't anything other than farm equipment. Can you imagine a "Girls of GT Calendar"? We'd have them holding shrink-wrapped boxes of MATlab and binary code in the background (shudders):

Now if only they went to football games like this:

A whole new definition to dressing light for the game

What's better than frolicking with a farm-girl in a bikini behind a bale of hay? Or running through a cornfield, hand-in-hand as it cuts your face? Nothing I tell you!

So while it's no consolation to The Grove, maybe those corn-fed girls do know how to make it worth our while.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GT vs. Kansas in 2010, 2011

Well, the Jackets are moving out of the Southeast for a game.

Georgia Tech will play the Big 12's Kansas Jayhawks in 2010 and 2011. The Jackets will travel to Lawrence the first year and the Jayhawks will come to Atlanta in 2011.
Would assume that this is the game the will replace Ole Miss getting scared of Paul Johnson and backing out. Should be a fun match-up. The last time the 2 teams met was the 1948 Orange Bowl.

It's no Grove, but it could be worse. What are your thoughts?

Some Wednesday Linkage

Coley Harvey continues to be a solid Georgia Tech beat writer. In a time when the AJC is floundering and they can't find a reporter who 1) the readers are satisfied with and 2) who actually seems interested in what he's writing, Coley goes above and beyond. He's on twitter (@macontechtalk) and he has his own GT blog where he throws in his thoughts and quotes from GT notables. He also didn't go to UGA to get his degree. No, he did a little better than that school east of us. He attended that school up North in the Big 10. That's right, Northwestern. But don't think of him as a Yankee. Coley is from Middle Georgia. The guy is good.

Back on track...The Peach State Pigskin Preview was in Macon yesterday at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame where Coley got some good quotes from Paul Johnson on Josh Nesbitt, Media Guides, and the SEC.

One more article from Coley discussing Bill Curry and Paul Johnson adding to the state's football legacy.

Finally, I'll throw a link the AJC's way because I like this quote from CPJ as it becomes clear he is tired of defending his offense:

There’s no special secret way to line up and say ‘Oh my god, now they can’t run.’ They’ll put nine people in the box. OK, go ahead. You’re not going to line up something we haven’t seen in 26 years. You might beat us, but I highly doubt it’s because of the way you line up.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reverend Richt crying dawgy tears

Call this man a waaahmbulance.

I think he might be choking on his waaaahmburger and french cries.

Seriously, suck it up, Richt. You got donkey punched last year because the 'Bama lines were much, much better than yours, and they orchestrated an offense that made you look like a peewee team and had you cussin' at halftime.

Traveling to and from Tempe had nothing to do with it. Teams like Miami have always had to travel like that, and it has never stopped them from succeeding at the highest levels. Ok. State did not lose when it last visited Athens because they traveled so far, it's because they were playing a better team. Quit being such a crybaby and focus on not having as many arrests this summer and you might do a little better.

This man doesn't know how to make excuses. You should take a lesson from the master, Richt.

Demaryius Thomas a potential MEGATRON

So says CakeRockstheParty:

Georgia Tech: Yes, we all know and love the option. And Jonathan Dwyer is a man who brings lightning and thunder all at once as the Flexbone fullback. But you know what? There's a whisper. You don't want to make this comparison lightly. But with a receiver of such size and physical skills in Demaryius Thomas? There's whispers that he could develop into Megatron. He's professional.

So does BayBay have the ability to wipe out the competition just like Megatron wants to wipe out mankind? We already know he can beat you down with a block.

Georgia State football

So Rivals/Yahoo! put out a very good article about the up and coming Georgia State football program. Old Tech connections include the head coach, Bill Curry, who coached the Jackets from 1980-1986 and kinda abandoned us for Bammer in 1987. Also, the offensive coordinator is none other than the man who put Tashard Choice in the shotgun formation - John Bond. Bond probably deserved more of a fair shake but there was really no place for him at Tech with the new offensive philosophy.

Personally, I'm excited to see GA State bring in a football team. I've always contested that there aren't enough I-A schools in the state for all of the I-A talent. Hence, Alabama/Mississippi/Tennessee/South Carolina/etc. are fielding talented Georgia High Schoolers. Keeping the talent in state would be nice from a GA-homer's perspective. Do I see the GA State crowd getting ramped up and into I-A by the time Bill Curry retires? Nope. If GA Southern and its ravenous fan base couldn't get into I-A yet, I don't see a school of loosely affiliated transients getting solidly behind the fball program.

Other news
*Congressmen Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee) was quoted hatin' on Paul Hewitt and Thaddeus Young stating Young's stay at Tech was a mockery of the NCAA/NBA 1-year rule. I tend to agree. Although Hewitt makes a great counterpoint saying that people leave Tech early due to their super computer skills (e.g. Chris Klaus).

*Matt Kuchar and David Duval are kickin' ass at U.S. Open sectional rounds. My recent foray into golf has made the famous Tech golf alum into points of conversation on the golf course. Here's an example of statement someone might make to me, "Man, [blah blah golfer] is doing great today in [crazy Irish-named] Open." My response, "Yeah, Stewart Cink's doing great, too." This is followed by head nodding, hand shakes, and other white-collar affirmations.

Any comments, condemnations, or general insight about GA State or Tech athletics would be appreciated.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Spending the Day with the Ramblin' Reck

For those of you that don't know, we here at TheLegacyx4 all have a special connection to the Ramblin' Reck. Bird drove the car in 2007 and I am fortunate enough to have the honor for this year. DFJ and Dane are both assistants and help with the maintenance of the car. Taking care of the car is one of the best college experiences a person can own. This past Saturday was one of those great days where we took the Reck to simply show it off and make it a centerpiece of an event. We took the Reck to Maysville, GA to an event called Grandfather's Day, a festival paying homage to the Model A Ford. There were some beautiful, show-quality cars and there were some junk cars. But none were as special as the one and only Ramblin' Reck.

Approximately 9:30 AM. As other Model A's arrived, the first car to be seen is the Ramblin' Reck

The lot not even half-full

Probably the coolest car to arrive after the Reck was a 1930 Model A Coupe painted in Ole Miss colors but designed to imitate our car. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery so Dane and I became friends with the owner and we realized that he is a Ramblin' Reck junkie. He knew the stories and history of the Reck all because he wanted his car to be as exact as he could as he could make it, even down to the upholstery. So that everyone knew who he modeled his car after, he has dubbed it the "Ramblin' Rebel". Truly a nice car to look at (and ride in as it pushes 50 MPH. Just ask Dane.) BTW, the first question I asked was whether the Rebel played Dixie. Not yet, he answered, but come September, the horn will be ready.

The Ramblin' Rebel

The Ramblin' Rebel next to the Ramblin' Reck

Grandfather's Day was truly a unique experience. It always happens the first Saturday in June at Mike's "A" Ford-able Model A Parts in Maysville. It's a great time to see these antique cars and learn about them even more. Saturday is one of those days that I will never forget and I am proud to say that I was a participant.

Tracking the NCAA baseball field

I play a lot of Risk. One of my favorite graphs from post-game stats on the computer versions of Risk was the Percent of World Population vs. Time Graph at the end of the game. It showed the eb and flow of the game's momentum, big battles, and major defeats. Here's my Risk World Population Graph for the NCAA baseball tourney:

I think it's an interesting graph because you see the major dropoff in Non-BCS teams following regional play. However, later in the tourney the elite Non-BCS schools have stuck in there and remain strong as Hell up to CWS play. This graph still has the Texas/TCU game as unplayed so take that into account. Note the pop and fizzles that are the Big East and Big 10. Also, note the ACC's consistent 22-25% since 6/1. Pretty impressive. It's clearly been an ACC-SEC conference showdown this post-season so why not dwell on the comparisons.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Teixeira, Wieters, and Other Baseball Updates

After struggling to start the season, Mark Teixeira has taken off for the Yankees. He's leading the team with 17 homers and 50 RBI's. That's 1/6th of the Yankees' total RBI's and 1/5th of the Yankees' total homers. Not bad.

Matt Wieters came into the Baltimore organization as a super heralded college star... Currently, he's batting a lowly 0.167 and only has 4 hits in 7 game appearances. He's only a rookie but he'll need a helluva lot more improvement to stay in the bigs. I've been told by Orioles fans that his defense is superb, however.

Now here's a quick NCAA baseball tourney conference update:
1. SEC: 23-11 (67.6%)
2. ACC: 21-11 (65.6%)
3. PAC 10: 7-4 (63.6%)
4. Big 12: 15-14 (51.7%)
5. Big East: 3-3 (50.0%)
6. Big 10: 4-6 (40.0%)
7. Other: 41-65 (38.5%)

The Big East's lone team, Louisville, was eliminated. The SEC has two teams out of eight already in the CWS alongside Cal State-Fullerton. Good luck to UVA, Clemson, and UNC. You're the ACC's only hope.