Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 Heisman Blog Trophy Nominations

The Blue Workhorse is compiling votes from around the blogworld for this years Heisman Blog Trophy. Look below for our selections.

We rewarded players who showed more than just gaudy statistics. We looked to see players put teams on their backs and carry them through the struggles of an entire college football season. So here are our votes for the 2008 Heisman Blog Trophy.

1. Tim Tebow

Anyone who does not vote for Tebow has never seen Florida play. Look at his stats:

  • 28 Touchdowns
  • 2,515 yards
  • 65% completion percentage
  • 177 QB rating
now watch this video:

MVP. Heisman Winner. 'Nuff said

Still not convinced? Watch this video and it's icing on the cake

2. Graham Harrell

The fact that he is not a finalist for the real award is a crime within itself. Graham Harrell is the little guy who took an overall inferior team and brought them into the national spotlight. Now granted, if it was not for the abilities of one Michael Crabtree, Sam Bradford would be in this position.

3. Javon Ringer

Keeping with the MVP route, The Legacyx4 recognizes Javon Ringer. This man had the most carries out of any RB in the NCAA (370) . Ringer literally carried Michigan State to the Capital One Bowl.

Have a disagreement? Think someone else deserved one of these spots? Post your comments below!

BMFY! Auburn v. 1.9

The internet truth has spoken. All your Auburns now belong to Muschamp.

Careful, Bobby Lowder. Will Muschamp will break you in half across his knee if you screw with him. Start schemeing behind his back, and he will f***ing stick you. If he leaves a head coaching job at Texas in the dust for somewhere else, he isn't gonna to take shit from nobody.

You've been warned.

Look for Will Muschamp to get the head coaching job later today, or never. Both are just as likely as far as anyone really knows.

In other news, my stats final starts in 30 seconds.

Afternoon Note: An Auburn paper does a pretty good analysis on the circus they call the Auburn coaching search. Read it here.

Iman ACC rookie of the week

Iman Shumpert was named ACC rookie of the week. Tech is 6-1 to start the season for the first time since 2006-2007 where another star freshman, Javaris Crittenton, led Tech to a 6-1 record. Let's compare the stats of these two freshmen point guards in their first seven games:

Critty = shooting 29-61 (47.5%), 3pt 5-11 (45.5%), a:to is 1.41, 96 total points
Iman = shooting 23-58 (39.7%), 3pt 6-20 (30.0%), a:to is 1.94, 76 total points

Looks like Crittenton was asked to go to the hole more while Iman has been leading us at point a lot more, which is definitely noticeable. The long ball is really pulling down Iman's shooting percentage. I like Iman's future at Tech and with Mo Miller in the backcourt, we will finally have depth at PG. Any thoughts on our season thus far?

FYI - Next game is UI-Chicago.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I promise not to do this too often

I do my absolute best to not get political on this blog. I have some pretty strong, pretty non-mainstream political views, but I try not to let them get in the way of football. However, a story like this comes along and ties both together, and I just can't help myself.

If you live in the 1st District of Illinois or 6th or 10th Districts of Texas, and are planning on voting for Reps. Bobby Rush, Joe Barton, or Michael McCaul respectively two Novembers from now, do me a favor. Don't vote. Go commit a felonious act that will bar you from voting ever again in those states.

Or, change your mind and throw these asshats out of office.

In a time when billions of taxpayer dollars are being rewarded to financial and auto sectors for their ineptitude, when we are literally spending ourselves into oblivion due to unsustainable public healthcare and Social Security structures, when rights violations are rampant in issues of taxation, marriage, and in homeland security, when our federal government has essentially been bent over by the energy and agriculture industries (CORN'LL FIX IT!), there are three representatives that think that the answer to the BCS system (which, unless you ask someone from the state of Texas, actually got the damn thing right this year) lies in the workings of the federal government.


Representatives, if the dead could rise for a day, Thomas Jefferson would fucking bitch slap the three of you. Good day, sirs.

P.S. Anyone mentioning the dormant commerce clause, other than me in this instance, gets a smack.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Poll Talk

With the Auburn debacle going on, and the rumors swirling about that Jimbo Fisher, the Bobby Bowden successor, leaving for elsewhere, we pose a question to you, the readers.......

Where will Paul Johnson be in 5 years?

1. Still at Georgia Tech with an above average team?

2. Took the money at another Big 6 Conference?

3. Non-BCS school

4. Bobby Dodd re-incarnate

5. The NFL

6. Tuberville-esque leave of absence

Mark your answer in the poll box above and leave your comments below as to why.

Burnett gets a little Rivals love

Morgan Burnett was named to the Rivals 2nd Team Defense. This list looks like a group of players compiled based off of statistics 'cause I know the Diesel is a better college back than No-Show and Javon Ringer is a better back than that Iowa dude. However, pundits that only look at stats and write this shit only "have time" to watch a couple games a week and read stat lines so of course the Big 12 gets a ton of love.

So goes life as an ACC fan.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Patrick Nix to AU

According to the AJC, Auburn interviewed the worst offensive coordinator in the history of the ACC. Congrats Auburn, I hope you hire him. I don't like Pat Nix or Auburn.

Whenever I think of Auburn fans, I envision all of them sounding like Conan O'Brien's character the Interrupter:

John: "I don't think..."
Auburn Fan: "...Pat Nix will pull us from mediocrity."
John: "Well, I didn't really want to..."
Auburn Fan: "...put it so harshly but really mean it on the inside."
John: "Auburn..."
Auburn Fan: "...will never be a perennial powerhouse and has an enormous inferiority complex towards Bear, Saban, and the burgundy elephant."

Monday, December 8, 2008

LSU Quick Look & All-ACC Blog Awards

So here’s a quick look at our Chick-fil-A bowl opponent, the LSU Tigers.

Key Stats:

Signature Wins: South Carolina
Wins against bowl teams: 2; South Carolina (Outback) and Troy (New Orleans)

They may be the defending national champions but they are very average and extremely beatable.

The Legacyx4's All-ACC Blog Award Nominations

And now we move on to the inaugural All-ACC blog awards. Gobbler Country headed these up. Below is our ballot. If you have any Bitches, Gripes & Suggestions put them in the comment box. Here is how the voting is scored: 3 pts. for a 1st place vote, 2 pts. for a 2nd place vote, and 1 pt. for a 3rd place vote.

ACC Offensive POY

1. Jon Dwyer
--call me a homer but you know it's true. So does the media and the coaches
2. Russel Wilson
--Yeah, he was good
3. Thaddeus Lewis
--Without him, Duke would have been even worse. And if they had him, they would have beaten VT.

ACC Defensive POTY

1. Trimane Goddard
--Slightly better than Burnette
2. Morgan Burnette
--sick nasty!
3. Everette Brown
--12 sacks. 'nuff said.

ACC Offensive ROTY

1. Russell Wilson
-- he led his team's turnaround
2. Roddy Jones
3. Darren Evans
--stuck it to us at VT.

ACC Defensive ROTY

1. Brandon Maye
2. abstain
3. abstain


1. Paul Johnson
-he's going to win National Coach of the Year. Plus, you know it's true
2. Jeff Jagodzinski
-No one thought BC would get where they ended up this year.
3. Frank Beamer
--You can credit Bud Foster on this one as well. They deserve a round of applause for this year's team.

And thus, a child was born

Thus spoketh the Lord, "I shall send my son. He shall make believers of them all, and all who do not profess his name shall perish."

'Tis the season.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Peach Bowl interesting numbers

LSU has officially accepted its invitation to get its ass kicked. GT fans should be stoked 'cause it's our first big time opponent in a bowl since WVU in '06. It's our first ACC-SEC matchup in a bowl since the 2000 Peach Bowl against LSU. Tech is 12-6 all time against the Tigers.

Here's some more breakdown of the history of the Peach Bowl:
1) GT is 0-3 all time
2) LSU is 4-0 all time
3) ACC is 10-17 all time
4) SEC is 12-13 all time
5) The SEC is 10-9 versus the ACC
6) LSU played in the 1968 inaugural game while Tech's first appearance was 1971

Weekend update

Tech takes care of Vandy on Saturday but lost the Big 10 Challenge game to Penn State Wednesday night. Tech is now 4-6 all time in the Big 10 Challenge. I know my fellow bloggers don't care much for this year's bball squad but I think we've got some great talent in Gani, Alade, and Iman. This season's goal should be a NCAA birth.

The rumblings are that LSU will be our Peach Bowl nemesis. Hopefully, this won't be a reenactment of the 2000 Peach Bowl. GT comes in with momentum and LSU can't stop Agnes Scott's running game.