Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nix out at Miami

Wow, did anyone not see this coming after that Emerald Bowl debacle? I think my little bro summed it up, "Miami hired Patrick Nix because Calvin Johnson made his terrible offense appear good." I hope we've seen the last of Pat Nix in the ACC, honestly. Maybe Auburn will hire him after they fire Chizik in two-three years.

Paul Hewitt Nation New Year's Resolution

Paul, here's my GT Hoops New Year's Resolution. Let's beat uga mercilessly at home, go .500 in ACC play, land a middle seed in the ACCT, win 1-2 games in ACCT play, and take a spot in the NCAA's. I wouldn't mind a nice upset of University of No Chance. Paul, you've got their number. I don't know how but you do. Let's do this for the children. Let's do it for the GT children in 2009.

Do you still have faith in men's bball or have you bought women's season tickets and scalped the men's on ebay? Thoughts are welcome on the coming ACC season.

Monday, December 29, 2008

45-42 Commemorative Ring?

Georgia Tech has figured out another way to remember its win over Georgia.

As part of its bowl bounty, Tech is giving each player a ring. Coach Paul Johnson left the design of ring to the team’s seniors. He said the seniors decided to include the score of the Georgia game, 45-42, in the ring’s design. The win snapped a seven-game losing streak to the Bulldogs...

Read the rest of the article here.

Throughout the year, we realized more and more that we were experiencing something special. As the Georgia game quickly approached, everyone on the Yellow Jacket side became extremely confident. The victory over Georgia meant many things...respect, pride, and Bobby Dodd's winning streak was kept intact. However, this victory does not deserve a commemorative ring. Getting caught up in this excitement puts us just barely above Georgia retiring Theron Sapp's jersey for ending "The Drought". After the game, Paul Johnson said it best when someone asked him why he didn't take any of the "hallowed" hedge. He said (and I paraphrase) "I'll act like I've been there before."

It's a much bigger smack in the mouth to your rival when you come in and you act like you expected the victory instead of acting like it won't happen again.

Guest Blogger: Bayou Bengals Edition

Last week, I exchanged Q&A's with Richard from AndTheValleyShook, an LSU blog. We discussed the status of our programs and what to expect for the upcoming bowl game. Click here to see our responses. We learned some new things and we hope you all do as well. Enjoy!

Various teams have prepared for the triple option differently. For instance, FSU attempted to defend our offense by practicing without a football trying to emphasize disciplined defense. How has LSU prepared for our attack?

As I mentioned in [this write-up], LSU's bowl preparations are a mystery on the order of Roswell, New Mexico or "Who Shot Mr. Burns?". But there is one piece of information that may be of some use. LSU hired former Oklahoma defensive coordinator Larry Lacewell to come in and consult on how to stop a triple option offense. I figure Lacewell should know, as he was at Oklahoma during the heyday of the Nebraska-Oklahoma rivalry, and later was a head coach of a triple option team. It's an interesting decision, and one that it is hard to find fault with.

Michael Johnson has an obvious presence on his side of the defensive line. How do you expect the Tigers to make him as little of a factor as possible?

Honestly, I can't say I'm knowledgeable about Georgia Tech football, and I have to confess that until reading your questions, I had never heard the name Michael Johnson in a non-sprinting capacity. Doing a little checking on him, it seems he's a pass rushing defensive end. Which side? If he's over the left tackle, I am fairly confident that our left tackle, Ciron Black, can hold his own. Our right tackle is a lot less experienced, but very talented. If we have a lot of trouble with him in passing situations, you can expect roll-out passes going away from him. The QB who will be starting this game is very mobile.

In the running game, look for a lot of misdirection and/or pound-it-right-at-the-defense. Jordan Jefferson can run some option from the quarterback position, and Charles Scott is a bruising tailback. I can't say I know what they would do, but my guess is that if he is the focal point of the defense, they will try to overwhelm him at the point of attack and/or try to make him spend his energy reading what the offense is doing rather than attacking.

Do you see the next Matt Mauck (or Flynn) coming out of this group of LSU QB's? Or is the QB of the future still playing HS ball?

The LSU quarterback situation has as many opinions as there are LSU fans, and probably even more than that, as non-LSU fans also have opinions on it. I think Jordan Jefferson is the quarterback for the moment, but what happens in Spring and beyond is anyone's guess. Jarrett Lee's problems were well-documented, but what seems to be forgotten is that he was doing very well thank you very much until the interceptions started going to his head and he started getting down on himself. Unlike most freshman QBs, you could see him become less and less comfortable as the season went on, rather than more and more comfortable.

Lee is a pure pocket passer, about as mobile as Bernie Kosar at this point in his career. That's fine, but you have to be accurate if you're going to play football that way. Unfortunately, Lee was really asked to come in and produce too early. He was just not ready yet, but you see the flashes of brilliance that you expect to see in a young player with potential. The problem for Lee is that Jordan Jefferson has potential too, and let's not even get started on the potential that Russell Shepard possesses. Have you seen his senior video out of Cy Ridge High School? Good God! I rarely gush over the abilities of a high school player, but this kid looks like Michael Vick without the character problems.

And everyone seems to forget Andrew Hatch. Hatch is no great talent, but I don't think it's a coincidence that Lee's season came off the rails when Hatch got hurt. Hatch was steady if unspectacular, and he was able to give Lee the breaks he needed to keep himself even-keeled.

As for the next Matt Mauck, well, keep in mind I am no Matt Mauck-worshipper. I think the guy was a solid college quarterback, but that 2003 team won with defense, effective running, and LOTS AND LOTS of screen passes. It didn't take a lot of skill to be the LSU quarterback that year. He had a very high completion percentage, but it's deceptive because he threw so many safe passes. It is my fervent hope that when the LSU quarterback situation is settled, whoever wins the job will be better than Matt Mauck.

Name a player who will have to step up (even up to the level of "average") in order for LSU to win.

I can't name one player, but I think the entire interior middle of our defense will have to step up to stop the option. The interior middle of our defense (the defensive tackles and starting middle linebacker Darry Beckwith) were supposed to be the strength of the defense this year, but an injury to Beckwith slowed him down all year, and Ricky Jean-Francois (who was supposed to be our stud DT) had a very ordinary 2008 campaign. If Beckwith can be the stud he'd been in the past, and if Jean-Francois can elevate to where he was supposed to be, that will make life very difficult for you inside.

For those who don't know enough, can you summarize LSU's offensive scheme?

It's hard to summarize. We can throw a lot of different looks at people. We run a lot of Power-I with Charles Scott behind fullback Quinn Johnson. We can also go 5-wide. We line up with two tight ends, one tight end, or no tight ends. We can do no-huddle. We run the pistol formation. We run shotgun. We run under center. We can throw a bruising back at you, or we can run a 5'6" sprinter who almost made the Olympics this year. You will rarely see a college team who runs as many TYPES of things as LSU does. When it works (see the 2008 BCSNCG against Oklahoma), it can be intimidating. When it doesn't (see most of this year), it seems to overwhelm our own players more than it overwhelms the opposition.

Over the course of the year, we were at our best when we could throw to set up the run. For all the fancy gadgets we ran, our most effective plays were play-action passes and I-formation runs between the tackles. For all of our 5-wide setups, we really only had one WR and one tight end who were consistent pass-catching threats.

Hypothetical situation: What do you think about GT replacing Arkansas in the SEC (or any other school in the SEC for that matter)?

I would be for it. GT is a natural in the SEC. Arkansas really isn't. Aren't you guys in the "Coastal" division or some such crap like that? How do you fit into the ACC? You're an original SEC team, and I'd be happy to see you return. The problem is that if you replaced Arkansas, the divisions would have to re-align. Would you guys come into the West? Or would Vandy move into the West?

Who is the biggest rival of LSU: Tulane, [SEC West Opponent], or Ole Miss? Any season, any sport.

LSU's biggest rivals are Ole Miss, Alabama, and Auburn. Tulane was our biggest rival at one time, but that time was before I was born, and I am now 34 years old. We don't even play Tulane every year anymore, and it's been a very long time since we were willing to do a home-and-home with them due to the big disparities in our fan bases. It would be like Georgia's biggest rival being Georgia State. Ole Miss is our other traditional rival, but this year notwithstanding Ole Miss has not really been on our level in football in a while. Sure, they beat us on occasion, but we are clearly overall the better program since Ole Miss declined in the '60s. Even in our 1990s down period we still were as good of a program as they were overall.

They beat us this year, but I think it's something of an aberration. Ole Miss has its most solid team in a long time, and it won't be that good much longer. Because of our problems with personnel at quarterback, and with coaching on defense (both of which will be corrected sooner rather than later) this year was an aberration for LSU. It may sound conceited, but I am firmly convinced that we will be back in the hunt for the SEC next year. Ole Miss may be there too next year, but I don't think their recruiting will keep up in the long run.

Alabama and Auburn on the other hand...

Triple Option 101

This is for the LSU fans who aren't totally accustomed to Tech's version of the Triple Option. Let's start with basic terminology:

A-back - This is our slotback in the basic Paul Johnson formation. Starters are Roddy Jones and Lucas Cox. Typically, this position is played by a smaller back with able hands and good speed. Cox is an atypical A-back. He found his way into this position however because he plays hard every play and is an excellent blocker.

B-back - This is our fullback in the basic Paul Johnson formation. The starter is Jon Dwyer. Typically, this position is a big bruising back that carries a bulk of the load.

Here's our basic formation:

The basic Tech Triple Option involves one of the A-backs motioning presnap into the backfield creating an "I-formation" and right as the I is dotted, the ball is snapped. The QB reads the defensive end on the play side and determines if the end is crashing in to take the B-back or dropping off to cover the option. If the DE crashes, then the QB keeps the football and runs around the blocking A-back with the motioned A-back trailing as a pitch man. The QB then makes a second in play read on whether or not to pitch or keep. Thus, the Triple Option. Option 1 - Nesbitt hands to Dwyer. Option 2 - Nesbitt keeps the football. Option 3 - Nesbitt pitches to Roddy or Cox.

For information straight from the horse's mouth watch this video.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Basketball vs. Virginia Tonight

The Georgia Tech men's basketball team starts ACC Conference play today at 5:30 PM EST.

The game is on Fox Sports Net. It's the weekend and it's Winter Break so look for an "analysis" sometime Monday.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Countdown: 5

5 Days until Kickoff.........

Friday, December 26, 2008

A quick look at LSU

Before we get really deep into the nitt-gritty schematics of next week's bowl game, let's see some of the positive things that Louisiana State University has to offer for this world. I give you some of LSU's finest:

I have always been a fan of the Golden Girls. May the good Lord bless you all.


Surely, these gals don't smell like corn dogs!

Finally, I will end with this video. May all you lovely ladies come to Atlanta next week and please, come early.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bowl Picks: Lolwai'i

Hawaii ftw.

THANK YOU TCU. I really enjoyed that game, plus you guys put me at 3-3 on picks and a +87% rating. Wooop.

Notre Dame lost it's offensive coordinator, but I'm seriously questioning what kind of an impact that is going to have on this game. Probably negligible, but addition by subtraction isn't unheard of.

Time to do the whole church thing, 'cause us crazy Catholics love going to church evening before important things. Hollar.

Merry Christmas

It's been kind of a slow weeks now that Christmas is just about on top of us. Once the 26th rolls around, things will begin to pick up around here. So until then, The Legacyx4 wishes all of you an enjoyable Christmas Eve and a very Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

USC 76 Georgia Tech 57

(Takes head and bangs it against wall repeatedly)

In talking with a co-worker of mine I realized the season can be summed up by two words: "STUPID STUFF." Stupid passes, stupid shots, stupid decisions in general. We got beat down last night. What was up with the refs? Called everything against us when USC was playing just as physical as we were. We just seemed out-manned, out-hustled, and out-played.

I would almost say that Hewitt has up until next year to get the team turned around or that seat he's sitting on is gonna get very hot!

Lewis Clinch: Thank you for getting your grades up. You dropped 25 points last night and it is still obvious that you are just glad to be back on the court. Can you please get some of that fire into your teammates?

Click here for the box score

Monday, December 22, 2008

Chick-fil-A Bowl Tickets and Seating Chart

Got my tickets for the bowl game on Friday. Needless to say, the seating chart doesn't do a lick of good for me. Why is that you say? Oh, because they're sideline passes. The website doesn't have a video of the game from the sideline. That's why.

On a second note, Bird and Dane are lower bowl Jackets side!

Who is all going to the game? Where are your seats? Go Jackets!

Bowl Picks: DeAndre Brown ROFL edition (2-3)

Ok, so maybe he wasn't laughing, but groaning in confused pain.


Don't get me wrong, that sucks, and is pretty gross, but that's still something you see in a highschool game. Some people may claim that is the worst injury ever, but a broken leg hardly trumps an exploding knee.

Case in point: Willis McGahee at the 2003 Fiesta Bowl National Championship.

That scene still gives me the willismcgahees. Ugh.

Anyway, onto the bowl pick... TCU wins. Those matches against OU and Utah will pay off - they are going to be the harder team tonight.

Christmas in California continues today

On Saturday, our Yellow Jackets visited beautiful Malibu, California to face-off against the Pepperdine Waves. Alade Aminu stepped up and turned the momentum to the Jackets side as he led the stats with a double-double in the form of 18 points and 11 rebounds. Gani Lawal had his ACC leading 6th double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds.

Click here for a box score

Monday proves to be a test of a different difficulty as the basketball team travels to Los Angeles to play againt the Trojans of Southern Cal. The Trojans are 6-0 at home this year with wins over powerhouses such as New Mexico and North Dakota State University.

The game will be televised on Fox Sports at 10:30 PM EST

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bowl Picks: I am teh suck, liek a LOL-ipop (2-2)

If you were betting money by my picks, don't complain, you didn't lose anything. That is, if you bet straight up, and put the same on every game, but you knew that already.

Anyway, Sunday's game pits Troy against Southern Miss in the New Orleans Bowl. I'm gonna go ahead and say Troy wins this one.

Also, I spent all of Saturday hungover. After years of drinking, I have yet to pinpoint what exactly gives me terrible hangovers (other than alcohol, of course). There is little correlation between amount, duration, and the way I feel the next day. I'm thinking about taking up using prescription pills instead.

Dane out.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My bowl picks are teh lolzers

I don't do lines. I hastily picked these in a foggy haze that the first couple rounds provides. Laugh if you want. Then bask in my glory when I go 34 for 34.

First round winners:


Yes, I'm picking my upsets early.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Vacation and Johnson's raise

I'm gonna be going back to ATL for 9 days so I'll let Dane/Winfield pick up the slack on bloggin'. Sadly, GT will be travelin' to the west coast while I'm in town.

Let's talk about Paul Johnson's raise. Why would you give someone who excites the fan base a 53% raise? One major factor is attendance. This year's poor attendance due to double barrel of I-AA's and lack of marquee crowd pleasers resulted in around 86% attendance.

If every ticket was sold for approximatly 25 bucks (estimation based on mixture of alumni/seat donors higher and 9,000 "free" student tickets), then we generated 8.7 million in ticket revenue. Now, next year we'll be bringing Clemson, uga, and VT to town. If VT sustains some momentum and the game is not a Thursday night, then we're talking at least 3 sellouts. Next year's home slate will be Wake (86-90%), UNC (90-92%), Clemson (99-100%), ugag (101%), VT (95-100%), and Jacksonville State (85%). So an average of 93-95% is not bad for 6 home games. That's a revenue of 7.6 million.

Imagine a team that annually excites the fan base. We continually bring in 95-96% capacity per game and you're taking care of Johnson's pay raise. This coming year's 6 game home slate doesn't help us but the big 3 opponents at home certainly doesn't hurt.

Now, throw in increased revenue from concessions, increased sales in merchandising (e.g. hundreds of #21 Jon Dwyer gold and white jerseys running around town), and increased television exposure and GT's talking an even greater revenue stream because we made the risk of keeping a good coach.

Are you frightful over Tech's financial future? Do you dislike the Tech fan bases poor home attendance yet odd eagerness to travel (except to VT)?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday News and Links

Every now and then we do a blog search to see what the blogosphere is talking about regarding the Yellow Jackets. Here is what people are talking about:


Paul Johnson: 2nd highest paid coach in the ACC. $17.7 million for 7 years. BOOM!

Coley Harvey continues to dish out the love to Cord Howard and talks about how he has stepped up in Andrew Gardner’s place.
Sidenote: I really do enjoy reading Coley Harvey. I suggest all of you do the same.

The ACC Sports Journal takes our pulse. Well more like they interview the guy who publishes GoJackets.com, Jonathan Leifheit. The responses fit what a typical Georgia Tech fan would sound like at this point in their life would sound like: excited but wary of being too overconfident AKA cautious.

Issue with VT blog “TechSuperfans” 1. Spell Ramblin’ Reck correctly (Wramblin Wreck, seriously WTF?) 2. “Uphill battle against LSU” Pfft. FAIL.
Please speak of what you know next time.

Some of you may not realize the history that Tech and LSU have together on the football field from back in the day. Here’s some information on that.

Lewis Clinch is back! And boy did he perform! Coley Harvey discusses here.
Larry Harstein (AJC) talks about it here.

The Nick Foreman Walk-on love continues. This time it’s the ACC Sports Journal.


The current bowl system sucks and is outdated. In fact, it’s a “boondoggle”. I don’t really understand that specific metaphor but whatever.

ATL midtown beat down

GT beats GSU by 20 to improve to 6-2 on the season. Gani takes care of business, as usual, and Iman adds 11 assists. Sweet. A nice little shining star in the stat lines is Brad Sheehan contributing 16 points. Do not underestimate the power of the 7' center. Tech now leads the series in the Midtown vs. Downtown Series 17-2 with the only losses being decided away from Georgia Tech before the dark times. Before the Empire.

I like seeing the games against instate teams. I know people that attended these schools and it gives a nice rivalry flavor to the game. It also gives you a challenge. These teams are stocked with kids that are jaded because they were "overlooked" by the big instate schools. So they're gonna play like they're in their conference tournament (see James Florence's performance for Mercer). They got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You've also got the simple economics of the games. It's easy to attend a game in Macon. It's two hours right down 75 and a relatively nice campus to visit. It's really easy to attend a game at GSU being 10 minutes from GT's campus and right off 85. You assert your instate dominance and leave. Simple. Now, we must take care of business against the Cesspool. To Hell With Georgia.

Do you have any comments on pre-ACC bball action or just want to vent about the futilities in life? Post in the comments section.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Conspiracy Theory: Auburn Edition

If you are a fan of conspiracy theories you’ll enjoy reading the below conversation I had with a co-worker of mine. Rumors are swirling around Auburn like a mother and this is just one of the bunch. This is all in regards to Tommy Tuberville’s “resignation” and his buyout. Draw your own conclusions.

Jeff: I did see an interesting conspiracy theory, that if true makes sense.

Me: oh?

Jeff: yeah, so this story involes the yella wood guy,
you know who that is right?

Me: yep

Jeff: so the story goes, he's watching the iron bowl and gets seriously PO'd. Since he films all these commercials he has most of the big time coaches’ personal phone numbers and so he decides to call Houston Nutt directly and ask what it would take to get him at Auburn. Nutt says thanks, but I can't do that to Ole Miss right now.

Jeff: Now Nutt and Tubbs are both Jimy Sexton clients and the rumor is that after Jet Gate, Sexton negotiated a clause in Tubbs contract. That clause is that Auburn, or anyone acting on their behalf, staff or booster can not approach another coach. Otherwise it's a breach of contract and Tubb's gets his complete buy out

Me: Wooooow!

Jeff: Nutt mentions in passing that Yella Wood gave him a ring to Sexton... Sexton tells Tubbs they've breached the contract. Tubbs walks in the next day and asks for his money. They negotiate, agree to pay but he [Tuberville] steps down. To avoid Sexton going public with the mess they agree to hire another one of his clients... you guessed it Chizik.

Jeff: No idea if it’s true, but it makes for a good story

Damn right it is. Auburn is a mess.

Dr. Saturday speaks of this same subject here

Pro Bowl Prediction Correct

I knew this would happen. I figured that Calvin would be left off the NFC Pro Bowl roster because of his terrible team. I'm sorry but two Cardinals wide receivers should not have made it. Steve Smith should not have made it, if not just for his preseason altercation, but for the fact that he didn't play the first couple games and was shut down several times in the Panthers' losses. Calvin kept up his rate of around 1/6 of all catches going for TD's. He is top 5 in almost every WR statistic. And he did it with 5 different Lions QB's hucking the ball to him. So goes life for the modern era Barry Sanders. Here's my message to Mr. Johnson: DO NOT SIGN ANYMORE PAPERS WITH "DETROIT LIONS" IN THE HEADING UNLESS IT'S A TRADE DEAL.

CPJ and GT reach contract extension agreement

Yesterday afternoon, Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech came to a contract extension agreement. Details won't be announced until the end of this week unfortunately. When Johnson first signed on at the flats, his contract was 7 years, $1.6 million per year. That put him right in the middle of the ACC for coaching salaries.

Ladies and gentleman, we sure as hell are not in the middle of the ACC. Currently, Bobby Bowden, Frank Beamer, Butch Davis, Al "Chan Gailey pt. 2" Groh, and Ralph Friedgen all make more than CPJ. I expect the extension to be right around the Butch Davis $2.1 million a year salary.

So, while we wait on the official announcement and numbers, let's revel in some of the images of our beloved coach from this past year:

The Beginning.

Always givin' the Refs a hard time.


What are your thoughts on a contract extension? Is 1 year to soon? Does CPJ deserve it?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dilated pupils and Tim Tebow

I went to the eye doctor today for the first time in, well, for the first time I can remember. My eyes are perfectly fine, I have what the doctor described as "near-bionic" vision (she said that wasn't surprising, given that I was otherwise an impeccable physical specimen), which is really just another entry in the long list of reasons of why my genes should be passed on. However, It also means that I have had to read everything in old-people view on Firefox while covering my left eye, which has basically given up focusing for now.

Now that I am done with school for a few weeks, I am allowing myself to dumb down a little bit, and have done so by reading some threads at the DawgPost. If you would like to read some of the most hilariously ridiculous, envious, and patently false claims about the Great Tebow, here you go. Props to RobinsDemons14, a die-hard UGA fan (I actually know him from high school) for correctly diagnosing the problems of the average Tebow hater.

Apparently I am an old salty bastard. Thanks for the shoutout from the GT Sports Blog.

Clinch returns and new fball wrinkles

Mo Miller is out and Lewis Clinch says he's eligible again. Clinch should return against my second most hated team in the state, Georgia State. Clinch should finally provide us another three point shooter. And for CPH's teams, the more 3-ballers the better.

Concerning football, Johnson looks to be bringing in additional wrinkles in the passing offense. I think Georgia Tech's passing game has been pretty bad for about 5 years now. We haven't had our primary passer throw for over 50% completions since Reggie's freshman year in 2003. Wow, that's a long time and probably the longest active streak in CFB.

What are your thoughts about the new additions to the offense? About Lewis Clinch? Post below!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Arena Football has been cancelled! What? Why? Due to the economy?!?

What's next? Cancelling Christmas, Easter, or St. Patrick's Day? Damn the economy. First you take 30% of my bonus. Then, you ruin millions of Americans' jobs/retirement/futures. Now, this.

UIC 66 GT 60

The UIC Flames continue to be a thorn in our side no matter the quality of either team. In a rather empty Alexander Memorial Coliseum, our Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets lost another close one. The time came for Mo Miller to close a 3-point gap down to 1 at the free throw line and he just couldn't hit a shot. We didn't come within 1 point again.

The Flames shot 28% from the 3-point line and it seemed as if we defended the perimeter much better. Unfortunately, the UIC's big man Scott VanderMeer, had his way on the inside, scoring a game high 17 points.

Lowlights: From my view, we struggle with a complete defense. If we defend the 3, we allow the 2. If we defend the inside, we open up the perimeter. Free-throw shooting is absymal. When we need clutch free-throws (see also Mercer) we can't seem to hit get them.

Positives: Once again, flashes of brilliance are shown in Gani and Iman. We just can't seem to catch those flashes and harness it into something cohesive. Nick Foreman is becoming a fairly solid asset for us. A walk-on, Foreman is showing hustle, grit and determination. Every game I watch him play, there improvement and I am impressed. Lewis Clinch should be back on Wednesday as long as he passes all classes which are released on Tuesday

In the end, we have good individuals. Maybe even some good duos, but we don't seem to have the solid team that we need to make that run that is so desperately needed. The potential is there, but the results not so much.

Upcoming Games this Week:
12/17: vs. Georgia State
12/20: @ Pepperdine
12/22: @ USC

Pete Carroll is awesome, dissenters invited to screw themselves

I have been made fun of for liking Pete Carroll as much as I do. Ok, ok, I may have facebook friended him the instant I found out he was actually on facebook. I may be a sucker for ultra-positivity (as long as it isn't like the

son of a bitch, I'm home for the holidays for 12 hours, and my cat welcomes me home by throwing up a giant pile of catfood right next to me while I'm typing, that smells awful

girl from the Progressive insurance commercials).

Yes I think he dresses impeccably, and he is basically who I want to turn into when I grow up. Make fun of me all you want.

Now, watch this, and go eat a dick. Pete Carroll is awesome, and you are just stupid if you think otherwise.

Now I have to go clean up cat throw up, because there is no way I can pretend I didn't see this until my mom gets home.

Gene Chizik? Really?

In this morning's post, Dane and Bird give you their opinions on how back Auburn sucks.

(Dane's Point of View)

It's Chizik. Gene Chizik.

Oh, that name is familiar, but you don't know who that is? That's because he was the defensive coordinator at Auburn during their undefeated season, but basically fell of the face of the football earth when he posted a 5-19 record at Iowa State. You would think that few tears would be shed for a coach with that kind of output, but according to ISU's AD, this is a "significant setback".

A few words of comfort to the dozen Cyclones fans out there - don't worry, he'll get what is coming to him for, um, snubbing your prestigious program. Ol' Gene is basically stepping into a meatgrinder built of unfair expectations from an rabid, borderline out-of-control fanbase and the fact that, well, Auburn (a team with a pretty good recent history) just put Gene Chizik in charge of it's program to battle the juggernaut that is Nick Saban (somebody who was basically already owning Tuberville in every facet of the game within a season of his hiring).

So, expect Chizik's blood to be spilled, figuratively and very possibly literally, within the next three seasons. After all, these are the same toothless hicks that shot, yes, with a gun, our beloved Ramblin' Reck during a visit to Auburn. This is gonna be ugly, folks. Can't say I feel bad for anybody involved.

(Bird's point of view)

Personally, I don't mind the hiring of Gene Chizik. I also have a strong dispassion for all things Auburn only reinforced by some of my coworkers who love the shitty university and its complete disregard for rules, regulations, and academia.

Auburn...you deserve what you got. You fired a winning, experienced coach because he got beat one time by Nick Saban. Great call. Way to think long term. Stability and Auburn will not be in the same sentence for another ten years. And all of the Auburn fans with their moonshine, blunderbusses, and snaggle teeth will fade away until they have another undefeated season that doesn't matter.

What will this yield for GT? I'd like to think there are more possible recruits from Alabama for GT in the future. Kids that grew up Auburn fans but don't want to play at the joke that is Auburn.

Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 Heisman Blog Trophy Nominations

The Blue Workhorse is compiling votes from around the blogworld for this years Heisman Blog Trophy. Look below for our selections.

We rewarded players who showed more than just gaudy statistics. We looked to see players put teams on their backs and carry them through the struggles of an entire college football season. So here are our votes for the 2008 Heisman Blog Trophy.

1. Tim Tebow

Anyone who does not vote for Tebow has never seen Florida play. Look at his stats:

  • 28 Touchdowns
  • 2,515 yards
  • 65% completion percentage
  • 177 QB rating
now watch this video:

MVP. Heisman Winner. 'Nuff said

Still not convinced? Watch this video and it's icing on the cake

2. Graham Harrell

The fact that he is not a finalist for the real award is a crime within itself. Graham Harrell is the little guy who took an overall inferior team and brought them into the national spotlight. Now granted, if it was not for the abilities of one Michael Crabtree, Sam Bradford would be in this position.

3. Javon Ringer

Keeping with the MVP route, The Legacyx4 recognizes Javon Ringer. This man had the most carries out of any RB in the NCAA (370) . Ringer literally carried Michigan State to the Capital One Bowl.

Have a disagreement? Think someone else deserved one of these spots? Post your comments below!

BMFY! Auburn v. 1.9

The internet truth has spoken. All your Auburns now belong to Muschamp.

Careful, Bobby Lowder. Will Muschamp will break you in half across his knee if you screw with him. Start schemeing behind his back, and he will f***ing stick you. If he leaves a head coaching job at Texas in the dust for somewhere else, he isn't gonna to take shit from nobody.

You've been warned.

Look for Will Muschamp to get the head coaching job later today, or never. Both are just as likely as far as anyone really knows.

In other news, my stats final starts in 30 seconds.

Afternoon Note: An Auburn paper does a pretty good analysis on the circus they call the Auburn coaching search. Read it here.

Iman ACC rookie of the week

Iman Shumpert was named ACC rookie of the week. Tech is 6-1 to start the season for the first time since 2006-2007 where another star freshman, Javaris Crittenton, led Tech to a 6-1 record. Let's compare the stats of these two freshmen point guards in their first seven games:

Critty = shooting 29-61 (47.5%), 3pt 5-11 (45.5%), a:to is 1.41, 96 total points
Iman = shooting 23-58 (39.7%), 3pt 6-20 (30.0%), a:to is 1.94, 76 total points

Looks like Crittenton was asked to go to the hole more while Iman has been leading us at point a lot more, which is definitely noticeable. The long ball is really pulling down Iman's shooting percentage. I like Iman's future at Tech and with Mo Miller in the backcourt, we will finally have depth at PG. Any thoughts on our season thus far?

FYI - Next game is UI-Chicago.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I promise not to do this too often

I do my absolute best to not get political on this blog. I have some pretty strong, pretty non-mainstream political views, but I try not to let them get in the way of football. However, a story like this comes along and ties both together, and I just can't help myself.

If you live in the 1st District of Illinois or 6th or 10th Districts of Texas, and are planning on voting for Reps. Bobby Rush, Joe Barton, or Michael McCaul respectively two Novembers from now, do me a favor. Don't vote. Go commit a felonious act that will bar you from voting ever again in those states.

Or, change your mind and throw these asshats out of office.

In a time when billions of taxpayer dollars are being rewarded to financial and auto sectors for their ineptitude, when we are literally spending ourselves into oblivion due to unsustainable public healthcare and Social Security structures, when rights violations are rampant in issues of taxation, marriage, and in homeland security, when our federal government has essentially been bent over by the energy and agriculture industries (CORN'LL FIX IT!), there are three representatives that think that the answer to the BCS system (which, unless you ask someone from the state of Texas, actually got the damn thing right this year) lies in the workings of the federal government.


Representatives, if the dead could rise for a day, Thomas Jefferson would fucking bitch slap the three of you. Good day, sirs.

P.S. Anyone mentioning the dormant commerce clause, other than me in this instance, gets a smack.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Poll Talk

With the Auburn debacle going on, and the rumors swirling about that Jimbo Fisher, the Bobby Bowden successor, leaving for elsewhere, we pose a question to you, the readers.......

Where will Paul Johnson be in 5 years?

1. Still at Georgia Tech with an above average team?

2. Took the money at another Big 6 Conference?

3. Non-BCS school

4. Bobby Dodd re-incarnate

5. The NFL

6. Tuberville-esque leave of absence

Mark your answer in the poll box above and leave your comments below as to why.

Burnett gets a little Rivals love

Morgan Burnett was named to the Rivals 2nd Team Defense. This list looks like a group of players compiled based off of statistics 'cause I know the Diesel is a better college back than No-Show and Javon Ringer is a better back than that Iowa dude. However, pundits that only look at stats and write this shit only "have time" to watch a couple games a week and read stat lines so of course the Big 12 gets a ton of love.

So goes life as an ACC fan.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Patrick Nix to AU

According to the AJC, Auburn interviewed the worst offensive coordinator in the history of the ACC. Congrats Auburn, I hope you hire him. I don't like Pat Nix or Auburn.

Whenever I think of Auburn fans, I envision all of them sounding like Conan O'Brien's character the Interrupter:

John: "I don't think..."
Auburn Fan: "...Pat Nix will pull us from mediocrity."
John: "Well, I didn't really want to..."
Auburn Fan: "...put it so harshly but really mean it on the inside."
John: "Auburn..."
Auburn Fan: "...will never be a perennial powerhouse and has an enormous inferiority complex towards Bear, Saban, and the burgundy elephant."

Monday, December 8, 2008

LSU Quick Look & All-ACC Blog Awards

So here’s a quick look at our Chick-fil-A bowl opponent, the LSU Tigers.

Key Stats:

Signature Wins: South Carolina
Wins against bowl teams: 2; South Carolina (Outback) and Troy (New Orleans)

They may be the defending national champions but they are very average and extremely beatable.

The Legacyx4's All-ACC Blog Award Nominations

And now we move on to the inaugural All-ACC blog awards. Gobbler Country headed these up. Below is our ballot. If you have any Bitches, Gripes & Suggestions put them in the comment box. Here is how the voting is scored: 3 pts. for a 1st place vote, 2 pts. for a 2nd place vote, and 1 pt. for a 3rd place vote.

ACC Offensive POY

1. Jon Dwyer
--call me a homer but you know it's true. So does the media and the coaches
2. Russel Wilson
--Yeah, he was good
3. Thaddeus Lewis
--Without him, Duke would have been even worse. And if they had him, they would have beaten VT.

ACC Defensive POTY

1. Trimane Goddard
--Slightly better than Burnette
2. Morgan Burnette
--sick nasty!
3. Everette Brown
--12 sacks. 'nuff said.

ACC Offensive ROTY

1. Russell Wilson
-- he led his team's turnaround
2. Roddy Jones
3. Darren Evans
--stuck it to us at VT.

ACC Defensive ROTY

1. Brandon Maye
2. abstain
3. abstain


1. Paul Johnson
-he's going to win National Coach of the Year. Plus, you know it's true
2. Jeff Jagodzinski
-No one thought BC would get where they ended up this year.
3. Frank Beamer
--You can credit Bud Foster on this one as well. They deserve a round of applause for this year's team.

And thus, a child was born

Thus spoketh the Lord, "I shall send my son. He shall make believers of them all, and all who do not profess his name shall perish."

'Tis the season.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Peach Bowl interesting numbers

LSU has officially accepted its invitation to get its ass kicked. GT fans should be stoked 'cause it's our first big time opponent in a bowl since WVU in '06. It's our first ACC-SEC matchup in a bowl since the 2000 Peach Bowl against LSU. Tech is 12-6 all time against the Tigers.

Here's some more breakdown of the history of the Peach Bowl:
1) GT is 0-3 all time
2) LSU is 4-0 all time
3) ACC is 10-17 all time
4) SEC is 12-13 all time
5) The SEC is 10-9 versus the ACC
6) LSU played in the 1968 inaugural game while Tech's first appearance was 1971

Weekend update

Tech takes care of Vandy on Saturday but lost the Big 10 Challenge game to Penn State Wednesday night. Tech is now 4-6 all time in the Big 10 Challenge. I know my fellow bloggers don't care much for this year's bball squad but I think we've got some great talent in Gani, Alade, and Iman. This season's goal should be a NCAA birth.

The rumblings are that LSU will be our Peach Bowl nemesis. Hopefully, this won't be a reenactment of the 2000 Peach Bowl. GT comes in with momentum and LSU can't stop Agnes Scott's running game.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

ACC football demands respect

I was driving to Atlanta on Wednesday through Columbia. Columbia is diehard Cock country and is one of the few metros that is 100% SEC. A particular radio host (who I don't remember the name) spoke about why the SEC > ACC. He simply said the ACC cannot win the big game and I tend to agree with him. We won the season series 6-4 but a battle (or small string of skirmishes) does not make a war.

Let's look back at BIG ACC-SEC matchups over the years that would've really solidified us as a premier conference and equalled the playing field against the SECers. And let's keep it restricted to the BCS Era:

1999 - UT defeats FSU (National Title)
2000 - LSU defeats GT (PB)
2002 - UF defeats MD (OB)
2003 - ugag defeats FSU (SB)
2005 - AU defeats VT (OB)
2006 - ugag defeats GT
2006 - UK defeats CU (MCB)
2006 - ugag defeats VT (PB)
2007 - AU defeats CU (PB)
2008 - Bamma defeats CU

The national stage and we fall flat on our faces. Not to mention our 1-9 mark in the BCS games. Now, why was it that we got beat in our game of the year ever since FSU's 2000 season? Coaching.

We haven't had premier coaches (besides Bowden) since the 90's. Bowden finally began to rust after his '03 Sugar Bowl debacle. That left us with a conference full of has been or never was coaches.

Expansion added Beamer. The Amato, Bunting, Roof, and Gailey departures improved the conference's coaching talent astronomically. And look what we have to show for it in 2008: a 6-4 record against our primary rival of a conference. I expect continued success against the SEC as we've shown in the NFL draft that we've had comparable talent all these years. Now, we have comprable if not superior coaching. What do you all think about the conference debate?

Darryl Richard: Top Senior Student-Athlete

The awards keep rolling in for Georgia Tech this year as Darryl Richard was awarded the Jim Tatum Award. The award goes to the top senior student-athlete in the conference. Congratulations DRich!

Things don't make sense at Auburn

Tommy got fired.

Everyone wanted Tommy fired.

Everyone outside of Auburn said WTF.


In Auburn, Tommy fires you!


Back to school

Jackets Fall to Penn State

In the land of the 2-point shot, the 3 point shooter shall rule the world.

That is what happened to us last night. Penn State actually seemed to have an off night from behind the arc in the fact that the only shot 42% from that distance. The problem is that we can't shoot 3's. We have big guys who can dominate the inside both offensively and defensively but when you shoot 3 of 16 (18%) for 3's. You aren't going to win the game.

Negatives from last night:

3-point shooting: Gross, just gross and disgusting.

Perimeter Defense: We seemed to be collapsing to the interior all game which left the perimeter wide open for the Nittany Lions to take all their shots.

Mo Miller: 26 minutes, 8 points, 2 Field Goals

Gani Lawal and Iman Shumpert. There is a reason they were McDonald's All-Americans back in high school. Schumper has the the moves needed to allude the defense, passes coming from nowhere and not afraid to take a shot when the game was on the line. He impressed me quite a bit. I wish I could go back and see how many of Iman's 12 assists were to Gani who simply domintated. He put up 34 points and 10 rebounds in 38 minutes of play. You know the best thing about Gani last nigh? 4-5 from the Free Throw line!

Thought Process:
We currently have no depth. Who will step up? We must defend the 3-ball. That is how Mercer took it to us.

Next Game: This Saturday vs. Vanderbilt at 2:00 PM

What were your thoughts on last nights game? Post in the comments.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Congratulations Jon 'Diesel' Dwyer!

Jon Dwyer: ACC Player of the Year

ACC-Big 10 Challenge Tonight for us

Work is busy so I can't put too much in here today but here goes:

Penn State comes to Atlanta tonight as we partake in the annual ACC/Big-10 Challenge. The Big-10 is putting up quite the fight right now as the Challenge is tied at 3 wins a piece.

Wins: Duke, Clemson, Boston College
Losses: Miami (got outscored by Ohio State by 11 points!), Virginia, Virginia Tech

Todays Games include:
Georgia Tech vs. Penn State (7:30 PM, ESPN2)
North Carolina @ Michigan State
Maryland vs. Michigan
Wake Forest vs. Indiana
Florida State @ Northwestern

The game that makes me most nervous is our game. After watching us against Mercer and Jacksonville State, we might have some cause to worry against Penn State.

What are your thoughts? What do we need to do to wipe the floor with Penn State?

Look for thoughts on the game in the morning.

Backyard Bowling

Got a message last night about midnight saying we are going bowling in our own backyard.
Click here to reserve your tickets. A press conference is scheduled for 1pm this afternoon.

No opponent has been set but lots of things seem to be pointing towards LSU. South Carolina has been thrown in the mix but that seems unlikely. The best match-up would be us against Ole Miss but I think they go to Florida for a New Years Day bowl somewhere. Either way, it's us against the SEC...yet another chance to show how flawed that conference is.

Click here to see what LSU fans are saying in regards to a possible match-up against us.

The last time Georgia Tech played in the Peach/CFA Bowl was in 2000 which was also against LSU.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paul Johnson Coach of the Year

We all knew it was coming. It's now official.

Looking Back

We are brilliant, so far.

Read this post, it's like we were looking into the future, and all it took was a brown paper bag and dollar store spraypaint.

BC/VT in the ACC Championship game (as we stated would happen in an early roundup, whilst others scoffed at the idea of Wake not going), and we called the rest of the OOC games (November 6th, another roundup).

BC beating VT was called. BC beating VT happened.

Also, Miami being scary against VT was called, and then it happened.

All hail Dane. Winfield can demand his own praise, even though I was the brains behind it.

(Winfield's Note: Whatever man. A team effort is a team effort. Besides, who wrote the majority of the draft roundtables? Me. Good job Legacy Crew)

-Ok, fine. I, Dane, was responsible for the 'zazz.

It's Dead Week. Done with the pats on the back for me. Back to work.

All-ACC Selections

All-ACC Awards came out yesterday afternoon. Here is the list of which I have copied from Heather Dinich's blog. Members of the ACC media voted on the awards. My thoughts are below.

NOTE: A first-team vote was worth two points and second team vote one. An asterisk denotes unanimous selection.

QB: Russell Wilson, N.C. State (106)
RB: Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech (134)*
RB: Da'Rel Scott, Maryland (76)
WR: Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina (130)
WR: D.J. Boldin, Wake Forest (76)
TE: John Phillips, Virginia (88)
OT: Eugene Monroe, Virginia (117)
OT: Andrew Gardner, Georgia Tech (107)
OG: Rodney Hudson, Florida State (99)
OG: Cliff Ramsey, Boston College (78)
C: Edwin Williams, Maryland (62)

QB: Thaddeus Lewis, Duke (28)
RB: Darren Evans, Virginia Tech (58)
RB: C.J. Spiller, Clemson (50)
WR: Eron Riley, Duke (57)
WR: Aaron Kelly, Clemson (56)
TE: Ryan Purvis, Boston College (45)
OT: Garrett Reynolds, North Carolina (42)
OT: Anthony Castonzo, Boston College (41)
OG: Sergio Render, Virginia Tech (48)
OG: Cord Howard, Georgia Tech (45)
C: Thomas Austin, Clemson (48)

DE: Everette Brown, Florida State (131)
DE: Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech (99)
DT: B.J. Raji, Boston College (103)
DT: Vance Walker, Georgia Tech (62)
LB: Mark Herzlich, Boston College (118)
LB: Michael Tauiliili, Duke (110)
LB: Aaron Curry, Wake Forest (106)
CB: Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest (134)*
CB: Victor Harris, Virginia Tech (125)
S: Trimane Goddard, North Carolina (105)
S: Michael Hamlin, Clemson (89)

DE: Orion Martin, Virginia Tech (61)
DE: Jason Worilds, Virginia Tech (39)
DT: Ron Brace, Boston College (52)
DT: Darryl Richard, Georgia Tech (50)
LB: Clint Sintim, Virginia (79)
LB: Alex Wujciak, Maryland (43)
LB: Mark Paschal, North Carolina (40)
CB: Ras-I Dowling, Virginia (49)
CB: Tony Carter, Florida State (34)
CB: Kendric Burney, North Carolina (34)
S: Morgan Burnett, Georgia Tech (85)
S: Myron Rolle, Florida State (55)

K: Graham Gano, Florida State (127)
P: Travis Baltz, Maryland (105)
Specialist: C.J. Spiller, Clemson (66)

K: Matt Bosher, Miami (34)
P: Matt Bosher, Miami (60)
Specialist: Michael Ray Garvin, Florida State (41)


OFFENSE: Riley Skinner, qb, Wake Forest (26); Antone Smith, rb, Florida State (33); Cedric Peerman, rb, Virginia (30); Darius Heyward-Bey, wr, Maryland (34); Kevin Ogletree, wr, Virginia (32); Dan Gronkowski, te, Maryland (41); Scott Burley, ot, Maryland (34); Thomas Claiborne, og, Boston College (38); Calvin Darity, og, North Carolina (34); Jaimie Thomas, og, Maryland (33); Nick Marshman, og, Virginia Tech (24); Ryan McMahon, c, Florida State (35); Matt Tennant, c, Boston College (33); Ryan Shuman, c, Virginia Tech (23).

DEFENSE: Derrick Morgan, de, Georgia Tech (26); Willie Young, de, N.C. State (25); Vince Oghobaase, dt, Duke (40); Boo Robinson, de, Wake Forest (31); Jeremy Navarre, dt, Maryland (29); Nate Irving, lb, N.C. State (28); Paul Anderson, s, Boston College (35); Anthony Reddick, s, Miami (23).

SPECIAL TEAMS: Dustin Keys, k, Virginia Tech (25); Brandon Tate, spec., North Carolina (33); T.J. Graham, spec., N.C. State (31).

Biggest question is how in the world is Morgan Burnett not a first team All-ACC selection? How did Everette Brown get more votes than Michael Johnson? The second answer is easy...the tv networks love Florida State and they were on in the afternoon and prime time all year. We were noon games. Interesting selection on Andrew Gardner as well.

Ah well, no one expected anything from us this year and clearly our presence was felt. Congratulations to the All-ACC team!


Monday, December 1, 2008

The Monday After...Links!

Oh yes.

It has been stenciled in the mirror since the day Paul Johnson came on campus: “Beat Georgia”. After this weekend, we can all look back and proudly say “Accomplished.”

Remember earlier in the season? We were dubbed a team with a “high school offense” and that we would not succeed in the BCS conferences with our offense. Well you who criticize before you know what you’re talking about….go suck it! Two days after our own drought has ended, I’m not sure if the feeling has completely set in yet. We beat the preseason national champions. We beat St. Richt and we beat the Bulldogs while Stafford arguably had one of his best games of his career. Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech are here to stay and our presence has been felt. Here’s what’s floating around the internet after the jubilee Saturday afternoon.

The Georgia Sports Blog is depressed. hahahaha!

The AJC writers have faced reality: We are better than the Bulldogs.

Jeff Shulz says we’re a rivalry again.

Furman Bisher writes, in his old prose-style way, how that game means more than a trip to Tampa. And for this year, yes, I have to agree.

Sports Illustrated, yes the publication that predicted us to win 3 games, gives Paul Johnson praise

The Chattanooga Times-Free Press jumps on the bandwagon as well. The love is overflowing for Paul Johnson

Paul Newberry, a national AP writer, discusses the expectation levels set for GT and UGAg and how both teams met (or failed to meet) those levels.

The Macon Telegraph’s Coley Harvey writes his own article about our victory in the Cesspool.

I love these quotes:
Rennie Curran, UGA linebacker, “We were well-coached”
Josh Nesbitt: “They had no idea what we were going to do.”

It’s great to be a Yellow Jacket!

Tech weekend mini-recap

Friday - Tech narrowly escapes another midmajor upset. Jacksonville surged late but still fell to Tech. Our 3-point shooting has got to pickup. We keep trading 2's for 3's every game. Next game is Penn State in the ACC-Big 10 Challenge on Wednesday.

Saturday - Tech outlasts Georgie in a Clean, Old-fashioned Shootout. The second highest point total in the series with 87 points scored (1999 was the most with 99 total points). Both teams accumulated 916 total yards of offense. I think the coolest stat of the game is TOP: ugag had the ball for 16:04 in the first half but only had it for 10:32 in the second.

To Hell with Georgie! Too bad UVA couldn't have helped us out but there's only so much Vic Hall can do (121 rushing yards with 2 TD's, 3 tackles, a sack, and a forced fumble).

Monday - Dabo Swinney is named head coach of Clemson. Not really a GT subject, other than I'm glad they didn't hire a good coach. Luckily for GT, we'll be dealing with another mediocre Clemson coach for at least 2-3 more years.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Post your game thoughts below.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Georgie Irrational Game Preview

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Secondly, there will be no Georgie Guest Blogger because I say so. Thirdly, Go Virginia! Beat Virginia Tech!

What: Georgia Tech @ Georgia
Where: The Cesspool
When: High Noon
TV: National telecast on CBS
Will The Legacy Crew be there? Kind of. I had to do the family thing and go to Cleveland, Ohio. But I'll be there in spirit trying to keep from cursing at the tv in front of my family.

Tech is really playing with house money right now. No one expected us to be remotely close to where we are. The bowl game streak remains intact, now we must keep Bobby Dodd's win streak again the in-state rival alive. No one has beaten the rival 8 years in a row except for that man. What would be the Mutts best win of the season up to this point? LSU? South Carolina? Geez, that sucks.
On to the what-if's!

Georgie wins if: They play like the expectations originally set. Seriously, this team is one of the biggest disappointments of the entire college football season. They gave up 90 points to Alabama and Florida combined. Some serious national title contender. Their defense has to remain disciplined and follow their assigned men, NOT the ball. Can they step it up? They should have taken notice of what happens when you follow the ball (see FSU and Miami who both had top 10 defenses against "stereotypical offenses"). Matt Stafford must be what the media hypes to be typical Matt Stafford. They also cannot play like they need against absymal Auburn. (duh)

Tech wins if: We play lights out. We absolutely need a healthy Josh Nesbitt and a competent offensive line. How will our defensive line match up to their offensive line? Our secondary will be tested and they must show their strength because the mutts have shown they can score when their backs are against the wall. Georgia's defense is weak and they give up points (see 3 straight weeks of giving up 38 points)All the pressure is on Georgie. We have the capabilities and the potential to come out there and take complete control of the game. How many plays does CPJ have up his sleeve specifically for this one game?

Irrational Score Prediction: Bobby Dodd's streak stays alive! Georgia Tech 24 Mutts 17

Sidenotes: I leave you with a song that I hope many of you know very well:

(To the tune of Georgie's "Fight Song" AKA The Battle Hymn of the Republic)
Don't send my son to MIT,
the dying mother said.
Don't send my son to Emory,
I'd rather see him dead.
But send my son to Georgia Tech,
'tis better than Cornell!
But as for the University [sic] of Georgia,
I'd rather see him in Hell!
To Hell! To Hell! To Hell with Georgia!
To Hell! To Hell! To Hell with Georgia!
To Hell! To Hell! To Hell with Georgia!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bobby Dodd and the University [sic] of Georgia

Bobby Dodd did not like ugag. In a small, personal way he insulted the school and the team by always calling them "Georgie". This is what he told his players before a game, and this is what ever Georgia Tech fan needs to remember every day of the year.

"Now let me tell you what is going to happen today. That Georgie team is going to come running out of the tunnel screaming and crying. They will be foaming at the mouth and smashing one another upside the head just to get warmed up. A couple of them will throw up on the sidelines for good measure. We will not do any of that. I do not want to see tears in your eyes. While they are wasting energy we will conserve ours. We will direct our energy into constructive action. I have told you they are bigger, faster, and tougher than you. All that is true, but we do have one advantage. WE ARE SMARTER THAN THEY ARE."

To Hell with Georgia! Piss on the Mutts!

10 Reasons the Institute hates the University [sic]

These are ten chronological reasons why the Institute and the University [sic] do not like eachother and they are pretty legitimate reasons for Tech fans to generally distrust, dislike, or plain out hate ugag:

10. The founding of Tech in the 1880's was originally planned as the mechanical engineering school of uga. Uga politicians/faculty wanted the School of Technology in Athens but luckily the governor's office wanted an independent non-agricultural school that would not be influenced by the aggies. Big time contreversy led to Tech's opening being postponed. Thank God the first Tech Men won the debate.

9. November 4, 1893. We are invited to play ugag in football. Our first ever victory in football. Our first ever dealings with ugag's athletic department and we are pelted by ugag fans with rocks and garbage. Then, chased by a mob back to our awaiting train. Our star player Leonard Wood finished the game with several stitches above his eye that were the result of hurled debris.

8. 1908. Ugag alumni incite Southern Conference investigation into recruiting practices of John Heisman. Heisman was the definition of moral character and gave all of his records, books, and such to the investigators who found no fault in his program.

7. 1919. The boys come home from World War I. Tech acted as a military officer training facility and had a full compliment of men on campus during the war. Ugag's student body was a mass of grunts that quit school and joined up. So in celebration of ugag's students return, they threw a big parade. In the parade, ugag displayed a donkey painted yellow that said "Tech in Atlanta" and a tank that had "UGA in Argonne" painted on the side. I'm sorry ugag fans but that's pretty f-ing low. Tech men were leading your hillbilly asses into battle and this is the thanks they get.

6. 1943 and 1944. Tech destroys ugag in football both years. Ugag does not recognize the games to this day. Sore losers. Once again, we were a military school at the time. The players that played in those games were legitimately enrolled at Tech. They were transfers from schools all over the country but our best players were still Tech Men (e.g. John Steber, Phil Tinsley, and Eddie Prokop).

5. 1978. Tech attempts re-entry into the SEC after scholarship limits are imposed and a true recruiting ethics doctrine is implemented. At one point, SEC teams would over-recruit their rosters and dump kids in the middle of the Summer if they didn't make the team, leaving them without scholarships. This is one of the main reasons Dodd left the SEC in 1964. In the 1978 vote, the biggest opponent of Tech was...ugag. They rallied their fellow redneck schools and shot down Tech's attempt.

4. December 2, 1978. Dooley orders the hit on Eddie Lee Ivery that knocks Ivery out of the ugag game and out of the Heisman race. Bullshit move by a bullshit coach.

3. 1994. Ugag athletic department cites the Omni's proximity to Tech's campus as the reason ugag can't beat Tech in basketball. They didn't take into account the fact that ugag fans don't give two shits about basketball and weren't coming to the games or that their teams/coaches sucked.

2. November 25, 1994. The most recent of Tech-ugag bench clearing brawls 'cause Ray Goof thought it was cool to leave the starters in with the game in hand. Congrats Ray, your team beat a 1 win Tech team. I wish Ryan Stewart had punched him in the face during the fight.

1. 2000. The ugag band stabs our giant inflatable buzz... That's pretty low. Good thing we made the band pay for it.

Sorry Joe, I forgot to mention I wasn't born for almost all of this list but it still doesn't mean we should forget past transgressions. College athletics is about pageantry, history, and tradition not just what happened this season.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tech takes care of business

GT Hoops took down Arkansas-Pine Bluff today with relative ease despite missing Mo Miller. I figured Mo had a concussion after he ran head first into the Mercer center on Saturday. He was down for too long and usually when a dude is sent to the back like that with no "physical ailments", it's safe to assume he's probably concussed.

I know a lot of people may be pissed at CPH for playing Mo later at Mercer (like he did with Causey last year) but with mild concussions a lot of dudes don't even realize it and basic tests won't detect them. From what I understand it takes a battery of tests to determine the severity of a concussion. And I totally believe the trainers wouldn't send Mo back on the court if they felt he was unfit to play.

Concerning the game, Gani and Alade had big games and should be our staple point scorers for the rest of the season. I am very confident in Iman as well.

Looking ahead we've got five more home games before heading to Cali for a pair of road games:

1. The first is against former Tech Assistant Cliff Warren's Jacksonville Dolphins. A lot of GT fans attribute the great guard play we had in '03-'05 to this guy. Let's pay him back by beating his team mercilessly.

2. And the annual ACC-Big 10 beatdown brings Penn State to ATL next. Tech is 4-5 all time in the Challenge while Penn State is a mighty 2-5.

3. Vandy is the first of three SEC teams on our schedule. After UK's home opener loss and Florida's loss to the 'Cuse Orangemen, I think we may see a BIG time down year for the SEC. So let's lay the wood on Vandy.

4. UI-Chicago returns to ATL after beating up on the '05 Zam Experience. We scheduled this series originally so Will Bynum could play in front of his family in '04.

5. Georgia State. These scrappy little bastards tried to Mercer us last year. At home, we better beat these guys down. It's 8 days before Christmas so we won't have many students in attendance. However, I don't see many GSU hipsters coming to the game.

Georgie Sucks...Here's Why

Sums it up.

The University [sic] of Georgia is the scum of the earth. They are trash and they aren’t worth a damn thing to this world.

So here’s a list:
10 Reasons why UGAg sucks so bad

10. They think their degree is worth something. Seriously, move out of the state and see what your “degree” does for you.

9. They think they are an above average football team. C’mon please, you got blown out by Bama and Florida. They are the only 2 good teams you played in your conference. You struggled against Vanderbilt who got beat by Duke. You also got taken to the wire by Auburn who absolutely blows! Put together one complete game and then maybe we’ll talk.

8. Because St. Mark Richt is actually a giant douchebag. Sure, the man goes out on mission trips preaching to the natives of the South American jungle. All the while his players are out getting in fights beating their fellow students/administrators to a pulp. Bowden much?

7. Because that bark is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. I already know you’re an uneducated piece of trash. Do you really need to confirm my thoughts?

6. They won’t acknowledge our victories (1943,1944) over them during World War II because they claim all their players were fighting the war. But they’ll claim that MNC during the same time period (1942). Also note that GT's sensational Clint Castleberry was in the war... but instead of pissing and moaning about losing games, we simply venerate our student soldier.

5. Because there’s not a thing special about UGAg. “Between the Hedges?” pssh, the entire SEC has hedges. The damn mutt of a dog was copied off Yale University and the Georgie “G”? Taken from the Green Bay Packers.

4. Matt Stafford doesn't mind spooning... with men.

3. Their short list of 'traditions' - a chant that talks about why they are the worst fans in college football, a parade of players in front of the shallow end of the gene pool, and the greatest college football tradition of all time - spelling. Here's some spelling: D-U-M-B-A-S-S.

2. Because they like to hoot and holler about the current streak, but they forget the Tech still owns the streak record. In fact, Georgia flipped such a shit about finally beating us in 1957 that they put a no-name fullback in their hall of fame for scoring the only touchdown in that 7-0 victory.

1. Their mascot dies.

What's the Good Word? !

I hate georgie

I hate UGA.

If UGA was playing Al Qaeda, I'd root for the terrorists. (lifted from the Hive)

If attending UGA classes was the cure for cancer, I would still burn the campus to the ground, given the chance.

If God selected the doggie nation as his new chosen people, I would gladly pull a Milton and enjoy Hell.

I would rather own this thing than an English Bulldog.

I would rather be beaten, tarred, and feathered, than put on a single piece of UGA clothing, even if it did come from the nice Wal-Mart on the other side of town.

Click here to see the Technique's To Hell with Georgia Edition
Get your hate on.

Pro Bowl season but nobody cares

In case anyone has noticed, Calvin Johnson, the highest ever NFL draft pick out of GT, is destroying the NFL this year. His team, however, is being destroyed by the NFL. Calvin is fifth in receiving yardage and second in touchdown grabs even though he's barely in the top twentyfive in catches. When his QB has enough time to get him the ball, Calvin generally takes it to the house (1 out of every 6 catches is a TD).

Calvin is a fantasy football beast and may not make the Pro Bowl due to no one givin' a lick about the 0-fer Motor City debacle. Even worse, Calvin still has four years left on his contract before he moves on or [gasp] resigns.

Other GT alum havin' a damn good year: Keith Brooking has 59 tackles this year and is playing like his hair is on fire. Daryl Smith is TCOB down in Action-ville leading the Jags with 2.5 sacks.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday After-test-that-no-one finished update 11/24/08

This will be quick, I'm working on other things.

Dane doesn't know shit about football. Well, that's not true, but I thought we would score against UNC, and thought we would have trouble against Miami. I'm glad I was wrong. I'll try to recap everything I was wrong about this season (I have a big bowl of Virginia poo to eat) sometime next week.

We beat Mercer in basketball in the ugliest game I've ever seen.
I was there, it was kind of weird going to that game, seeing as I seriously considered going to that school (that is, until they didn't offer me a scholarship even though I probably deserved a full ride or at least a good portion, but whatever). I'm glad I didn't because having a basketball game for homecoming would suck ass.

Screw you, Hokies. Last week was almost the perfect week for Tech sports, and you could have made it happen (actually, Tyrod tried pretty hard to make it happen), but no you screwed us. JUST GET ON BOARD AND GIVE US THE ACC TITLE GAME. DRINK THE KOOL-AID AND LOVE PAUL JOHNSON. I don't want to root for UVa, but I will if I have to, damnit.

We play those animals from the Clark County Community College on Saturday, and I plan on tearing down their stadium with my bare hands after we take our victory, then set Athens ablaze, leaving only cinders in the wake of their defeat. Even the tears from every eye of the doggie nation would not be able to put out a fire fueled by such hate.

We're ranked, and that's bad. Hopefully we don't do what we do every other time we get ranked.

GET YOUR HATE ON. To Hell with georgia, piss on the mutts!
Weekend Recap: A Weekend of Awesomeness

The weekend for us started on Thursday. And what a glorious beginning it was. Georgia Tech was the spotlight. Our astronauts were recognized, the 1998 ACC Championship Team was brought out, and various other smaller sport champions were all announced. On the sidelines, Jason Varitek and Mark Texeira made appearances along with T.I. The setting was perfect to show all the recruits (most of the season). It was a great day to be a Tech fan and boy did we impress!

Friday was a travel day. After a horribly unproductive day at work, Dane and I drove to Macon in prepartion of Georgia Tech vs. Mercer for an in-state basketball showdown. Met up with some friends along with Bird and partied in Mac-town. Editor’s Note: Totally different atmosphere at a Mercer party than a Tech party. Girls actually come, and people genuinely have fun together. Imagine that!

What a day Saturday was! The basketball game was sloppy. At times I wondered if we were watching the football team because of our ball handling. But it all ended alright as the Jackets overcame an 17 point defecit to win it in overtime. Yeah, we rained on Mercer’s homecoming parade....barely.

75% of what needed to happen for us to finally take the Coastal has happened. If it was not for the complete incompetency of Duke, we’d have had it. NC State throttled the Tar Heels and Dabo Swinney continued to strengthen his case to take “interim” off his title in a big win over Virginia. This week, we are Virginia Fans. They MUST BEAT VIRGINIA TECH. The game is at noon, so the internet will be on constant refresh. Go Wahoos!

After basketball was Volleyball Senior Night. It ended in fine form with our beloved Jackets sweeping Maryland 3 games to 0. Our good friend Steph Robbins finished off the ‘Terps with a nice little tip over the net to seal the sweep.

Finally, to end the Weekend of Awesomeness, RRC Throwdown was Saturday night. It ended with me waking up and wearing a pair of boxers upside down like a t-shirt. Let your imagination run free with that one.

Transitive relationships

Today, I'd like to use a mathematical analogy to predict GT's upcoming W over the hushpuppies. The relationship revolves around each game being a completely objective datum point. Two teams playing eachother results in one being a greater numerical value than the other (victor/loser).

For example, GT beat Miami. Therefore, GT > UM. Now, the hard part is finding a transitive relationship between GT and ugag. A seven-degrees of Kevin Bacon type relationship.

GT defeated MSU, MSU defeated Vandy, Vandy defeated Ole Miss, Ole Miss defeated UF, UF defeated ugag. Hence, GT > msu > vandy > ole miss > UF > ugag. Therefore, GT >>> ugag via a nice football transitive relationship. If you can come up with an easier one, I'm all ears.