Friday, March 27, 2009

No Weekend Practice Reports

This weekend there will be very little practice report information due to the weather. The rain has moved the team to the Falcons training facility in Flowery Branch for both today and Saturday. So, to get all the information that you crave, check out the AJC Tech Beat and Coley Harvey's Beat at the Macon Telegraph.

Remembering the shot heard 'round ATL

Above: #3 Jarrett Jack, #11 Will Bynum, #12 Luke Schenscher, #42 Clarence Moore, #24 Marvin Lewis

How can anyone forget the shot Will Bynum made to send Tech to the National Championship in 2004? Every time I reflect on the play, I tell people it's one of two times I high-fived my dad. The other time was the 1992 NLCS when Sid Bream slid home and was SAFE. One of my buddies from Pittsburgh has a shirt that says, "Pittsburgh Pirates: Rebuilding Since 1992."

The game was on April 3, 2004. The shot was made off a pick and roll with 1.5 seconds remaining against a favored Oklahoma State team giving Tech a 67-65 win. Every bit of the play is still stuck in my head. Great times.

Anyone like to reflect on past Tech moments, go ahead.

Day 5: Big East rolls

Wow, Duke and Purdue got dominated. I didn't wanna see it 'cause I had them both advancing but their small lineups just got tossed around last night. Duke was outrebounded 46:32, had five shots blocked, and only shot 26.7% from the field. An L was inevitable. Purdue was outrebounded 42:31, had six shots blocked, and only shot 36.4% from the field. UConn overwhelmed the Boilermakers but at least the Boilermakers may have solace knowing that Jim Calhoun is a cheating SOB. His teams are about as legit as the 80's East German Olympic teams. On to Day 6 of the tourney. Hopefully, UNC can hold the dim light that is the ACC torch.

Quick Conference Roundup
ACC: 5-6 (45.5%)
Big East: 14-2 (87.5%)
Big 10: 6-6 (50.0%)
Big 12: 10-3 (76.9%)
SEC: 1-3 (25.0%)
PAC 10: 6-5 (54.5%)
Other: 10-27 (27.0%)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Subversion, sedition, sabotage

There is a serious problem with Georgia Tech athletics.

Everyone knows too much.

You see, all of the Spring Practices are TECHNICALLY open to the public, but we know of course that this is really only a courtesy, and only complete assholes would ever weasel their way into the Rose Bowl to get an early glimpse at our team. To make matters worse, when people are watching these "open" practices, they are actually committing them to memory, and furthermore, to written word! These so called fans have the audacity to barge onto the sides of practice like mangy, rabid dogs, who later regurgitate this information for others to see.

I was shocked when I first learned of these travesties, but upon further investigation, I realize that it simply wasn't blog posts that were relaying this secret information. In fact, message boards are actually being used to further break down this sensitive information, allowing any passersby to snatch said valuable data and run. The backstabbing didn't end there, with respected publications doling out information like slingers trying to get the kiddies hooked.

I was appalled at the widespread amount of whoring our kind were capable of, but I considered ending my fanhood and my own life when I discovered that the security leak wasn't a leak at all. That's right, it goes all the way to the top, with both the GTAA and our own Coach Paul Johnson freely providing our top secrets to everyone! The subversion has even infected this website, with DFJ plastering his football espionage all over the place! HAS THIS WORLD NO LOYALTY? NO DECENCY? WE MIGHT AS WELL CANCEL THE NEXT SEASON! WE'VE PUT ALL OUR PLAYERS AND PLANS IN THE LINE OF FIRE, AND THERE'S NO WAY TO STOP IT!

Unless of course you realize that simply reporting on spring practice, where most of the passes aren't caught, where you're happy to see only a handful of fumbles, and where coaches are more concerned with a player's fundamentals than any trick play hurts our chances to win this season about as much as your attendance at the games does. (Sorry, none of us are that important)

Why do I care enough to write this post? Mainly because of the doucher comments on this post on the North Avenue Bulletin. No, videos are not allowed. Neither are pictures. That's why you won't see any on this blog. A more appropriate way of dealing with the problem (if you really have a problem with NAB post...?), is to politely remind anyone you see at Spring Practice with a camera that pictures and video are not allowed. Of course, that would require you to not be completely anonymous (in other words, to have a pair and actually be able to communicate outside of the internet). I care because we are linked to the North Avenue Bulletin, so I can only imagine said doucher comments will soon spill over onto our blog (actually, we've had a few in the past, mostly mutts though). I'd really, really like to avoid that if at all possible.

We will do our best to bring you good, legitimately obtained info about everything that goes on in Georgia Tech athletics, especially football. We will not be posting pictures of practice. We will not be posting videos of practice. I'm sure as hell not lugging my laptop out to the Rose Bowl. We may report how crowded the beach is, but we won't name names. As much as we'd like to be powerful enough to unravel a major CFB team's plans with a 1 minute video (where the most intense thing is Butler backpedaling 5 steps), we are pretty sure that Coach Johnson and every other college football coach probably is way ahead of that game. To any grad assistant looking on here for insider information, to hell with whatever team you are working for, you are wasting your time, and you can probably get alot more information out of the insider subscription services that are out there. Seriously, you could probably register at at every ACC team's insider boards for less than Friedgen's weekly lunch budget.

However, if you are irate with anything we or anyone else ever posts about spring practices, somebody on this website can probably help you. Please, please spend the time you would leave writing a dickheaded comment and send an email first. If you are still feeling unsatisfied, well, I can't stop you from commenting. We are all ears, unless you aren't very nice. Then we will just make fun of you.

If you are from the GTAA and you ever have a problem with anything we post about anything, from spring practices to jersey color (ha!) to why I really like Will Muschamp, please, please contact us at thelegacyx4 AT gmail. We will be more than happy to do our best to satisfy any of your requests.

Sweet 16 and college bball thoughts

Sweet 16 play kicks off today with Duke as one of two remaining ACC teams alive playing Villanova at 9:57 PM. Why 9:57 PM? Beats the hell outta me. That's an awfully late tipoff for two EST teams especially when there's a Mizzou game tipping off 30 minutes earlier. I think someone messed up the programming schedule here unless Nova's viewing share is very small.

Concerning the game itself, both teams are probably confused as to what to do tonight. Both teams have an overwhelming urge to underperform and lose in embarassing fashion. A winner has to be decided. Prediction: Nova draws a technical for attempting to walk off court with a tie when buzzer sounds. Duke doesn't know how to miss free throws and wins by 1.

Seriously, this is gonna be a pillow fight. There may be 8 guards on the floor at tip off. Duke NEEDS to win for the ACC. "NEEDS" cannot be more emphasized.

Thoughts on Sweet 16 welcome.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Practice Report for 3/25/09

Today was definitely a very dreary day and not a whole lot of new stuff went down.

1. Still saw roughly 5 guys on the beach. Luckily no one got injured today. They were still in jerseys, shorts, and helmets.

2. I saw a new drill today where they had someone push on the center from the front while he snapped the ball to the QB. I guess this was used to get the center used to engaging a defender right after the snap. I saw only one or two botched snaps. I only saw about two fumbles all of practice. This is a big improvement from last year.

3. When the defense broke apart from the offense after special teams practice, they went into a nickel formation. The two linebackers were Griffin and Jefferson, and the hybrid type DB was Cooper Taylor. The second string linebackers were Sylvester and Jackson with Mario Edwards as the extra DB. The Wolf position players at practice (hybrid LB/DB) were Mario Edwards, Cooper Taylor, AT Barnes, and Malcolm Munroe. Jon Lockhart, who was moved from A-back to defense, practiced with the safeties. Jarrard Tarrant has been showing off his skills but it might take him a week or two to get back into the groove. It looked like Correy Earls had a good showing today and had some amazing catches on defense. He might turn out to be a great DB some day.

4. Passing looked better today from the receivers and QBs. There were a couple of amazing passes and catches made by all the QBs and receivers. The QBs still had problems with overthrowing on long routes and throwing behind the receivers on slants. This is mainly a timing issue and makes sense because they haven't done it in a long time. The receivers had some issues running routes and misjudged the ball when they did miss a pass. Tevin Washington's throwing mechanics have greatly improved since last fall, but he still throws an awfully bad spiral from time to time. All the QBs looked better when running the option pass. Nesbitt sure looks smooth when he throws on the run.

5. I noticed today that all our linemen look like they are in great shape. This goes for both the offense and defense. TJ Barnes has gotten into a lot better shape and he has definitely improved his agility. This is a really good thing since it would have been tough playing on the field for about 40 snaps when he was about 350lbs. I don't see any over hanging guts on the offensive linemen. They look very toned and healthier than last year. Jaybo has gained about 15-20lbs just from his appearance. He just looks thicker and stronger. Richard Watson has lost his gut and gotten faster, and Willie White has continued to put on more weight. Poor Willie looked like a twig last year and still has a way to go. Cooper Taylor stills looks rather skinny though and probably has trouble putting on weight with his frame. He would do so much more damage if he put on another 15 or 20lbs.

Another good day and you could tell the rust is coming off at a good pace. We probably won't see any position upsets until they start wearing pads at the end of this week and the beginning of next week.

Piss on the Mutts

'nuff said

Jackets falter against Oklahoma

The GT Women's Basketball team lost their second-round NCAAT game last night to Oklahoma, 50-69. Even though we outscored Iowa State by more than triple in the paint in the first round, we couldn't bring that kind of beatdown to Oklahoma. Tough loss to a good team; however, we are still very, very proud of the Jackets, who blew away their male counterparts for another season and added insult to injury to Georgie, leaving them with a painfully memorable score (think football).

Oklahoma goes on to face Pittsburgh in the Sweet Sixteen, AND GT BASKETBALL IS OFFICIALLY, FINALLY OVER!!! Football (and some baseball) talk from here on out (from Dane, at least).

To Hell With Georgia: Episode I

#3 Tech hosts #1 uga Wednesday afternoon. The dogs deserve a punch in the throat after eliminating Tech last year in the Athens regional. Tech has won the last four at the Rusty C against the dogs and looks to extend that streak in front of an incredibly excited regional television audience. Good luck to the Jackets and TO HELL WITH GEORGIA! Predictions welcome.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Can't get enough of Spring Practice?

Here are a few GT Spring Practice reports, each with it's own unique angle.

1. Coley Harvey @ the Macon Telegraph has his Tech Talk up. I saw him yesterday, at the Rose Bowl, he is one of the few writers who truly seems into what he writes about and isn't in the business just to "churn out" a story. Plus, he is trying to establish a readership, so you see the effort.

2. The North Avenue Bulletin: a new GT blog that wants to consistently write stuff. Here's his Day 1 report.

3. The AJC's Ken Sugiura and Larry Harstein tag team a write up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Practice Report: Day 1

Spring Practice Report Day 1, courtesy of DJ

Today was a beautiful day to start off spring practice. It was a little
overcast, but the temperature was perfect.

1. Players were wearing helmets and shorts, no pads until Saturday
(probably), there were 5 players sitting on the beach (another term for
being injured), I could only identify [ed.'s note - not big on naming who is hurt, it was two linemen].

2. The day started off with stretching and then special teams, they had
everybody and their mom returning kickoffs and punt returns, I saw
Roddy, Tarrant, Cooper, and Marcus Wright to name a few

3. After special teams, everyone moved into their position drills
working on technique, they had three centers snapping to the QBs, those
three were Sean Bedford, Zach Fraysier, and Nick McRae

4. When it came time for the offense and defense to gather at different
locations the lineups became apparent, there was a surprise to me on
the starting defense, it goes:

1st String Defense:
DE Robert Hall
DT Ben Anderson DT Jason Peters
DE Derrick Morgan
OLB Steven Sylvester (this kid never got substituted out, he is a
MLB Brad Jefferson**
OLB Sedric Griffin
CB Rashaad Reid
CB Mario Butler
S Morgan Burnett
S Dominique Reese
** Kyle Jackson was sometimes substituted in for Jefferson
1st String Offensive Line:
LT Brad Sellers
LG Joseph Gilbert
C Sean Bedford
RG Cord Howard
RT Austin Barrick

2nd String Offensive Line:
LT Phil Smith
LG Omoregie Uzzi
C Nick McRae/Zach Fraysier
RG Zach Krish
RT #64 (might be a walk on, wasn't on depth chart)

The A-backs and B-backs were constantly rotated in and out at different
spots. The QBs were pretty set with Josh taking first string and Jaybo
and Tevin splitting time with the second team.

5. They did lots of passing drills today and the frankly looked God
awful, lots of drops and poorly thrown passes, you could tell they
haven't practiced in a long time, the offense worked on a variety of
plays ranging passing plays to reverses to option passes to QB designed
runs, only problem came with Jaybo dropping most of his snaps from
under center, probably due to the rotating centers

6. Defense practiced running to the football and working on gap
assignments, nothing really special here except that during a wrap up
practice TJ Barnes about smacked the living tar out of the guy with the
hitting bag, everybody seemed to have at least one good play and Albert
Rocker continued to get chewed out for something (he got moved to the
DL from the LB spot)

Overall a good day to knock off the rust.

Dean Dull's Obituary

James Edward Dull, 80, VP/Dean of Students Emeritus Georgia Tech died March 22, 2009. He was born and reared in Connellsville, PA, the son of James and Anna Jean Dull. Upon graduation from Connellsville High School, he attended Slippery Rock State University, graduating in 1950 with a BS in Biology and Health/Physical Education. In 1991 he received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Slippery Rock.

After serving in the Army (1950-52) during the Korean War, he earned a MS degree in Higher Education with certification in Counseling and Guidance from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. While in the service he was selected to be on the Modern Pentathlon National Training Team to prepare for the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki. In 1955, at Miami University, he met and married Gay Kimbrough who was teaching in the Miami University Laboratory School.

In 1957, after five years at Miami and having risen to the rank of Assistant Dean of Men, he accepted a position at Georgia Tech as Assistant Dean of Students. Three years after arriving at Georgia Tech he was made Associate Dean of Students and four years later in 1964 he became the Dean of Students. He retired in 1991 as Vice President/Dean of Students Emeritus. During his 34 years at Georgia Tech, he served nine seated or acting presidents. Enrollment grew from 5,200 in 1957 to 13,000 in 1991. Female enrollment grew from 11 in 1957 to 3,050 in 1991.

Dean Dull was responsible for the coordination of all disciplinary processes and policies. Additionally, he had administrative charge of all Student Personnel Services and activities outside of the curriculum including New Student and Parent Programs, Residence Halls and Family Housing, Student Counseling, Fraternity Affairs, Religious Affairs, International Student Affairs, Community Services, Student Athletic Complex, Health Services, Handicapped Student Services, Student Publications, Student Radio Station WREK, and all student organizations. His pride and joy was serving as advisor to the Student Government and in this capacity he attended weekly meetings for 33 years.

When he retired in 1991 approximately 80% of the living alumni had been students during his career. He remained in contact and corresponded with many of Tech’s alumni since retiring. He was proud of the dramatic growth of Student Affairs facilities, in both quality and number, during his years of service. Residence hall beds grew in number from 1,100 in 1957 to 4,200 in 1991. Family housing units grew from 220 to 300. Construction included a new 60 bed Health Center, a new Student Center, a new Student Athletic Complex, a new Student Services Building and a Theatre Complex including the Dean James E. Dull DramaTech Theatre. For 31 years his family lived on the campus. During this time his wife, Gay, and he were selected to become honorary alumni of Georgia Tech. Together they wrote a book, It’s For You, Thirty-One Years of Our Life On the Georgia Tech Campus. In 1960 he found and acquired the official Ramblin’ Wreck. Later he designed the costume and persona of “Buzz,” the Yellow Jacket Mascot; he also inspired the design of the signet class ring. In an extracurricular “options” program he taught students beginning Ballroom Dancing for 30 years. He also organized a national championship winning GA Tech College Bowl Team and trained the Wreckette Dancing and Drill Team. In retirement he remained active with the Theatre Complex and wrote a “50-year History of DramaTech” and the forerunner drama organization “The Georgia Tech Marionettes.” He was an active member in the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, Association of Southern Deans, and Southern College Personnel Association. In addition he was a member of ANAK, ODK, Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity and Friends of DramaTech. He served on the Council of the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center and the Advisory Board of the Greater Atlanta Council of the Boy Scouts of America (Jim was an Eagle Scout), a member of the Partners Class and the official board of Peachtree Christian Church.

Jim is survived by his wife, Gay, two sons: Dr. John R. Dull and wife, Beth of Atlanta and David A. Dull and wife, Cindy of Winter Springs, FL, grandson, Grant Dull and granddaughter, Taylor Dull. A memorial service will be held on Sunday, April 5, 2:00 p.m., at Peachtree Christian Church, 1580 Peachtree Street, N.W., Atlanta, GA 30309. Rev. Neal P. Ponder officiating. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations be made to the Peachtree Christian Church Columbarium or the DramaTech Scholarship at the Georgia Tech Foundation, 760 Spring Street, N.W., Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30308. A celebration reception at the church will follow the service. Arrangements by Cremation Society of Georgia, Inc.

Dean Jim Dull has passed away

Dean Dull, the man who brought the one and only Ramblin' Reck to campus, has passed away. A memorial service will be held at Peachtree Christian Church on Sunday April 5th at 2pm.

Dean Dull's impact on campus is felt every time the Ramblin' Reck takes the field. He sought after a Reck that was representative of the entire student body where everyone could feel a sense of ownership. Dean Dull's legacy lives on through the Ramblin' Reck and will continue to do so into the future.

Here is a video of Dean Dull talking about how he acquired the one and only Ramblin' Reck.
The Reck is currently maintained and preserved by the Ramblin' Reck Club.

RIP Dean Dull. You will be missed

Non-football/basketball update

Women's bball pulled their second NCAA win in school history against Iowa this weekend. Tech plays #1 seed Oklahoma and behemoth Paris twins on Tuesday night. Good luck Lady Jackets.

Tech baseball took 2 of 3 against VT this past weekend. Tech is now averaging a cool 9.8 runs per game. That's actually pretty badass considering we're only giving up 4.1 runs per game.

Will you be watching any of Tech's women's NCAA run? Look for it on ESPN2 Tuesday night.

Well, Hey We're Back!

Well hello there everyone. Spring Break was absolutely fantastic. I had no phone signal while I was at the beach and I did not complain at all. While all of you were running in the Rat Race, we were here, living in the yellow house right on the beach.

This was living

And this was what I woke up to every day:

Simply Fantastic

I didn't fill out an NCAAT bracket. First time in years. Didn't really care either, but I've watched a bunch of the games. I guess the NCAA Tourney committee "got it right" with the seeding since there haven't been that many "upsets". Western Kentucky was about it.

So what's the big news today? Spring Practice begins TODAY! We will have a special correspondent working the sidelines and churning out full practice reports. So be sure to stay on the look out for exclusive spring practice reports here at The Legacyx4!

I will be especially interested to see our our D-Line shapes up. What is the one thing you are looking for?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 4: Sweet 16 decided

The Big East has established itself in the Sweet 16. The Big 12 is also posting good wins so far. The SEC is officially eliminated and the Pac 10 has a team left. Wow.

Quick Conference Roundup
ACC: 5-5 (50.0%)
Big East: 11-2 (84.6%)
Big 10: 6-5 (54.5%)
Big 12: 9-3 (75.0%)
SEC: 1-3 (25.0%)
PAC 10: 6-5 (54.5%)
Other: 10-25 (28.6%)