Saturday, November 29, 2008


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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Georgie Irrational Game Preview

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Secondly, there will be no Georgie Guest Blogger because I say so. Thirdly, Go Virginia! Beat Virginia Tech!

What: Georgia Tech @ Georgia
Where: The Cesspool
When: High Noon
TV: National telecast on CBS
Will The Legacy Crew be there? Kind of. I had to do the family thing and go to Cleveland, Ohio. But I'll be there in spirit trying to keep from cursing at the tv in front of my family.

Tech is really playing with house money right now. No one expected us to be remotely close to where we are. The bowl game streak remains intact, now we must keep Bobby Dodd's win streak again the in-state rival alive. No one has beaten the rival 8 years in a row except for that man. What would be the Mutts best win of the season up to this point? LSU? South Carolina? Geez, that sucks.
On to the what-if's!

Georgie wins if: They play like the expectations originally set. Seriously, this team is one of the biggest disappointments of the entire college football season. They gave up 90 points to Alabama and Florida combined. Some serious national title contender. Their defense has to remain disciplined and follow their assigned men, NOT the ball. Can they step it up? They should have taken notice of what happens when you follow the ball (see FSU and Miami who both had top 10 defenses against "stereotypical offenses"). Matt Stafford must be what the media hypes to be typical Matt Stafford. They also cannot play like they need against absymal Auburn. (duh)

Tech wins if: We play lights out. We absolutely need a healthy Josh Nesbitt and a competent offensive line. How will our defensive line match up to their offensive line? Our secondary will be tested and they must show their strength because the mutts have shown they can score when their backs are against the wall. Georgia's defense is weak and they give up points (see 3 straight weeks of giving up 38 points)All the pressure is on Georgie. We have the capabilities and the potential to come out there and take complete control of the game. How many plays does CPJ have up his sleeve specifically for this one game?

Irrational Score Prediction: Bobby Dodd's streak stays alive! Georgia Tech 24 Mutts 17

Sidenotes: I leave you with a song that I hope many of you know very well:

(To the tune of Georgie's "Fight Song" AKA The Battle Hymn of the Republic)
Don't send my son to MIT,
the dying mother said.
Don't send my son to Emory,
I'd rather see him dead.
But send my son to Georgia Tech,
'tis better than Cornell!
But as for the University [sic] of Georgia,
I'd rather see him in Hell!
To Hell! To Hell! To Hell with Georgia!
To Hell! To Hell! To Hell with Georgia!
To Hell! To Hell! To Hell with Georgia!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bobby Dodd and the University [sic] of Georgia

Bobby Dodd did not like ugag. In a small, personal way he insulted the school and the team by always calling them "Georgie". This is what he told his players before a game, and this is what ever Georgia Tech fan needs to remember every day of the year.

"Now let me tell you what is going to happen today. That Georgie team is going to come running out of the tunnel screaming and crying. They will be foaming at the mouth and smashing one another upside the head just to get warmed up. A couple of them will throw up on the sidelines for good measure. We will not do any of that. I do not want to see tears in your eyes. While they are wasting energy we will conserve ours. We will direct our energy into constructive action. I have told you they are bigger, faster, and tougher than you. All that is true, but we do have one advantage. WE ARE SMARTER THAN THEY ARE."

To Hell with Georgia! Piss on the Mutts!

10 Reasons the Institute hates the University [sic]

These are ten chronological reasons why the Institute and the University [sic] do not like eachother and they are pretty legitimate reasons for Tech fans to generally distrust, dislike, or plain out hate ugag:

10. The founding of Tech in the 1880's was originally planned as the mechanical engineering school of uga. Uga politicians/faculty wanted the School of Technology in Athens but luckily the governor's office wanted an independent non-agricultural school that would not be influenced by the aggies. Big time contreversy led to Tech's opening being postponed. Thank God the first Tech Men won the debate.

9. November 4, 1893. We are invited to play ugag in football. Our first ever victory in football. Our first ever dealings with ugag's athletic department and we are pelted by ugag fans with rocks and garbage. Then, chased by a mob back to our awaiting train. Our star player Leonard Wood finished the game with several stitches above his eye that were the result of hurled debris.

8. 1908. Ugag alumni incite Southern Conference investigation into recruiting practices of John Heisman. Heisman was the definition of moral character and gave all of his records, books, and such to the investigators who found no fault in his program.

7. 1919. The boys come home from World War I. Tech acted as a military officer training facility and had a full compliment of men on campus during the war. Ugag's student body was a mass of grunts that quit school and joined up. So in celebration of ugag's students return, they threw a big parade. In the parade, ugag displayed a donkey painted yellow that said "Tech in Atlanta" and a tank that had "UGA in Argonne" painted on the side. I'm sorry ugag fans but that's pretty f-ing low. Tech men were leading your hillbilly asses into battle and this is the thanks they get.

6. 1943 and 1944. Tech destroys ugag in football both years. Ugag does not recognize the games to this day. Sore losers. Once again, we were a military school at the time. The players that played in those games were legitimately enrolled at Tech. They were transfers from schools all over the country but our best players were still Tech Men (e.g. John Steber, Phil Tinsley, and Eddie Prokop).

5. 1978. Tech attempts re-entry into the SEC after scholarship limits are imposed and a true recruiting ethics doctrine is implemented. At one point, SEC teams would over-recruit their rosters and dump kids in the middle of the Summer if they didn't make the team, leaving them without scholarships. This is one of the main reasons Dodd left the SEC in 1964. In the 1978 vote, the biggest opponent of Tech was...ugag. They rallied their fellow redneck schools and shot down Tech's attempt.

4. December 2, 1978. Dooley orders the hit on Eddie Lee Ivery that knocks Ivery out of the ugag game and out of the Heisman race. Bullshit move by a bullshit coach.

3. 1994. Ugag athletic department cites the Omni's proximity to Tech's campus as the reason ugag can't beat Tech in basketball. They didn't take into account the fact that ugag fans don't give two shits about basketball and weren't coming to the games or that their teams/coaches sucked.

2. November 25, 1994. The most recent of Tech-ugag bench clearing brawls 'cause Ray Goof thought it was cool to leave the starters in with the game in hand. Congrats Ray, your team beat a 1 win Tech team. I wish Ryan Stewart had punched him in the face during the fight.

1. 2000. The ugag band stabs our giant inflatable buzz... That's pretty low. Good thing we made the band pay for it.

Sorry Joe, I forgot to mention I wasn't born for almost all of this list but it still doesn't mean we should forget past transgressions. College athletics is about pageantry, history, and tradition not just what happened this season.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tech takes care of business

GT Hoops took down Arkansas-Pine Bluff today with relative ease despite missing Mo Miller. I figured Mo had a concussion after he ran head first into the Mercer center on Saturday. He was down for too long and usually when a dude is sent to the back like that with no "physical ailments", it's safe to assume he's probably concussed.

I know a lot of people may be pissed at CPH for playing Mo later at Mercer (like he did with Causey last year) but with mild concussions a lot of dudes don't even realize it and basic tests won't detect them. From what I understand it takes a battery of tests to determine the severity of a concussion. And I totally believe the trainers wouldn't send Mo back on the court if they felt he was unfit to play.

Concerning the game, Gani and Alade had big games and should be our staple point scorers for the rest of the season. I am very confident in Iman as well.

Looking ahead we've got five more home games before heading to Cali for a pair of road games:

1. The first is against former Tech Assistant Cliff Warren's Jacksonville Dolphins. A lot of GT fans attribute the great guard play we had in '03-'05 to this guy. Let's pay him back by beating his team mercilessly.

2. And the annual ACC-Big 10 beatdown brings Penn State to ATL next. Tech is 4-5 all time in the Challenge while Penn State is a mighty 2-5.

3. Vandy is the first of three SEC teams on our schedule. After UK's home opener loss and Florida's loss to the 'Cuse Orangemen, I think we may see a BIG time down year for the SEC. So let's lay the wood on Vandy.

4. UI-Chicago returns to ATL after beating up on the '05 Zam Experience. We scheduled this series originally so Will Bynum could play in front of his family in '04.

5. Georgia State. These scrappy little bastards tried to Mercer us last year. At home, we better beat these guys down. It's 8 days before Christmas so we won't have many students in attendance. However, I don't see many GSU hipsters coming to the game.

Georgie Sucks...Here's Why

Sums it up.

The University [sic] of Georgia is the scum of the earth. They are trash and they aren’t worth a damn thing to this world.

So here’s a list:
10 Reasons why UGAg sucks so bad

10. They think their degree is worth something. Seriously, move out of the state and see what your “degree” does for you.

9. They think they are an above average football team. C’mon please, you got blown out by Bama and Florida. They are the only 2 good teams you played in your conference. You struggled against Vanderbilt who got beat by Duke. You also got taken to the wire by Auburn who absolutely blows! Put together one complete game and then maybe we’ll talk.

8. Because St. Mark Richt is actually a giant douchebag. Sure, the man goes out on mission trips preaching to the natives of the South American jungle. All the while his players are out getting in fights beating their fellow students/administrators to a pulp. Bowden much?

7. Because that bark is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. I already know you’re an uneducated piece of trash. Do you really need to confirm my thoughts?

6. They won’t acknowledge our victories (1943,1944) over them during World War II because they claim all their players were fighting the war. But they’ll claim that MNC during the same time period (1942). Also note that GT's sensational Clint Castleberry was in the war... but instead of pissing and moaning about losing games, we simply venerate our student soldier.

5. Because there’s not a thing special about UGAg. “Between the Hedges?” pssh, the entire SEC has hedges. The damn mutt of a dog was copied off Yale University and the Georgie “G”? Taken from the Green Bay Packers.

4. Matt Stafford doesn't mind spooning... with men.

3. Their short list of 'traditions' - a chant that talks about why they are the worst fans in college football, a parade of players in front of the shallow end of the gene pool, and the greatest college football tradition of all time - spelling. Here's some spelling: D-U-M-B-A-S-S.

2. Because they like to hoot and holler about the current streak, but they forget the Tech still owns the streak record. In fact, Georgia flipped such a shit about finally beating us in 1957 that they put a no-name fullback in their hall of fame for scoring the only touchdown in that 7-0 victory.

1. Their mascot dies.

What's the Good Word? !

I hate georgie

I hate UGA.

If UGA was playing Al Qaeda, I'd root for the terrorists. (lifted from the Hive)

If attending UGA classes was the cure for cancer, I would still burn the campus to the ground, given the chance.

If God selected the doggie nation as his new chosen people, I would gladly pull a Milton and enjoy Hell.

I would rather own this thing than an English Bulldog.

I would rather be beaten, tarred, and feathered, than put on a single piece of UGA clothing, even if it did come from the nice Wal-Mart on the other side of town.

Click here to see the Technique's To Hell with Georgia Edition
Get your hate on.

Pro Bowl season but nobody cares

In case anyone has noticed, Calvin Johnson, the highest ever NFL draft pick out of GT, is destroying the NFL this year. His team, however, is being destroyed by the NFL. Calvin is fifth in receiving yardage and second in touchdown grabs even though he's barely in the top twentyfive in catches. When his QB has enough time to get him the ball, Calvin generally takes it to the house (1 out of every 6 catches is a TD).

Calvin is a fantasy football beast and may not make the Pro Bowl due to no one givin' a lick about the 0-fer Motor City debacle. Even worse, Calvin still has four years left on his contract before he moves on or [gasp] resigns.

Other GT alum havin' a damn good year: Keith Brooking has 59 tackles this year and is playing like his hair is on fire. Daryl Smith is TCOB down in Action-ville leading the Jags with 2.5 sacks.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday After-test-that-no-one finished update 11/24/08

This will be quick, I'm working on other things.

Dane doesn't know shit about football. Well, that's not true, but I thought we would score against UNC, and thought we would have trouble against Miami. I'm glad I was wrong. I'll try to recap everything I was wrong about this season (I have a big bowl of Virginia poo to eat) sometime next week.

We beat Mercer in basketball in the ugliest game I've ever seen.
I was there, it was kind of weird going to that game, seeing as I seriously considered going to that school (that is, until they didn't offer me a scholarship even though I probably deserved a full ride or at least a good portion, but whatever). I'm glad I didn't because having a basketball game for homecoming would suck ass.

Screw you, Hokies. Last week was almost the perfect week for Tech sports, and you could have made it happen (actually, Tyrod tried pretty hard to make it happen), but no you screwed us. JUST GET ON BOARD AND GIVE US THE ACC TITLE GAME. DRINK THE KOOL-AID AND LOVE PAUL JOHNSON. I don't want to root for UVa, but I will if I have to, damnit.

We play those animals from the Clark County Community College on Saturday, and I plan on tearing down their stadium with my bare hands after we take our victory, then set Athens ablaze, leaving only cinders in the wake of their defeat. Even the tears from every eye of the doggie nation would not be able to put out a fire fueled by such hate.

We're ranked, and that's bad. Hopefully we don't do what we do every other time we get ranked.

GET YOUR HATE ON. To Hell with georgia, piss on the mutts!
Weekend Recap: A Weekend of Awesomeness

The weekend for us started on Thursday. And what a glorious beginning it was. Georgia Tech was the spotlight. Our astronauts were recognized, the 1998 ACC Championship Team was brought out, and various other smaller sport champions were all announced. On the sidelines, Jason Varitek and Mark Texeira made appearances along with T.I. The setting was perfect to show all the recruits (most of the season). It was a great day to be a Tech fan and boy did we impress!

Friday was a travel day. After a horribly unproductive day at work, Dane and I drove to Macon in prepartion of Georgia Tech vs. Mercer for an in-state basketball showdown. Met up with some friends along with Bird and partied in Mac-town. Editor’s Note: Totally different atmosphere at a Mercer party than a Tech party. Girls actually come, and people genuinely have fun together. Imagine that!

What a day Saturday was! The basketball game was sloppy. At times I wondered if we were watching the football team because of our ball handling. But it all ended alright as the Jackets overcame an 17 point defecit to win it in overtime. Yeah, we rained on Mercer’s homecoming parade....barely.

75% of what needed to happen for us to finally take the Coastal has happened. If it was not for the complete incompetency of Duke, we’d have had it. NC State throttled the Tar Heels and Dabo Swinney continued to strengthen his case to take “interim” off his title in a big win over Virginia. This week, we are Virginia Fans. They MUST BEAT VIRGINIA TECH. The game is at noon, so the internet will be on constant refresh. Go Wahoos!

After basketball was Volleyball Senior Night. It ended in fine form with our beloved Jackets sweeping Maryland 3 games to 0. Our good friend Steph Robbins finished off the ‘Terps with a nice little tip over the net to seal the sweep.

Finally, to end the Weekend of Awesomeness, RRC Throwdown was Saturday night. It ended with me waking up and wearing a pair of boxers upside down like a t-shirt. Let your imagination run free with that one.

Transitive relationships

Today, I'd like to use a mathematical analogy to predict GT's upcoming W over the hushpuppies. The relationship revolves around each game being a completely objective datum point. Two teams playing eachother results in one being a greater numerical value than the other (victor/loser).

For example, GT beat Miami. Therefore, GT > UM. Now, the hard part is finding a transitive relationship between GT and ugag. A seven-degrees of Kevin Bacon type relationship.

GT defeated MSU, MSU defeated Vandy, Vandy defeated Ole Miss, Ole Miss defeated UF, UF defeated ugag. Hence, GT > msu > vandy > ole miss > UF > ugag. Therefore, GT >>> ugag via a nice football transitive relationship. If you can come up with an easier one, I'm all ears.

Escapin' Macon

Tech won in an OT thriller against the Mercer Bears and we (Winfield/Dane/myself) were there to observe one of the most frustrating regulation periods since the Zam Experience. I've seen a few OT's against Wake, ugag, etc. but this one was the weirdest. GT never led in regulation. In fact, at 12:01 to go in the second half, Tech trailed by 18.

A GT fan next to me said, "They just want to go back to ATL." I didn't necessarily believe in this Negative Nancy's comment but I figured we'd need a Hell of a turnaround to pull it out of our ass. Then, Hotel Hewitt ceased. The signature full court press was unleashed. GT crawled back into it. 33 seconds left and Zach Peacock ties us up with two free throws.

OT was over before it started. The once loud crowd of 3,300 orange and black was deflated. The Bears were flat and GT finished the game with a 42-18 run capped by 11 points in OT to the Bears 5.

Final analysis: I think we're gonna be leaning more on Iman and our front court then I had previously thought. We were out hustled by the Mercer guards and lucky Mercer's got no depth. However, a win's a win. I think Paul learned a lot about our team on Saturday and I see us only improving our early game scoring here on out.