Saturday, March 14, 2009

I hope FSU loses

I just want them to lose by 1 point to UNC on a buzzer beater and feel a smidgeon of the pain that Tech fans have felt this season. The drink of the night was cheap as Hell Guinness.

Friday, March 13, 2009

FSU Preview

How do we win: Lewis Clinch must score at least 20 points. Gani Lawal must have a double-double. And a forward (e.g. Peacock or Alade) must have at least 10 points. Fouls, free throws, etc.. don't mean shit to our team. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Keep our play aggressive and mean and knock FSU off their game like we did Clemson.

How do we lose: We try to win with point guard play. Hewitt's guards are meant for two things - laying siege to the lane and defending other guards. If we can't limit our guards' turnovers, we're sunk. Half court play is not our forte...let's keep it in transition all game.

X-Factor: Paul Hewitt has coached in a lot of postseason games at Tech (26 to be exact) with a .500 record in Tech postseason since the 2001 NCAA's. Hewitt's teams are usually built for tournament play rather than regular season championships with average depth and rangey athletes.

Prediction: Tech by 3.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clinch + Gani + Alade = Joy

Three combined for 64 of team's 86 points. Team shooting over 50% on FG's doesn't hurt. On to Florida State!

Wait! What?! There's MORE Basketball?

You mean we play basketball? Today? Oh. I thought you were kidding.
Oh wait, you were serious! Here in Atlanta? It's the ACC Tournament? No way. Who do we play again?

At least one more game on the schedule for the season. We play Clemson somewhere between 2:00-2:30 PM today. Can Tech pull of the win? We have seen stranger things happen (see last year in Atlanta....a tornado, the SEC on our court, etc) Lewis Clinch believes miracles can happen!

Either way, one member of The Legacy crew will be in attendance cheering on Georgia Tech for at least one more time this season. The winner gets F$U in the the second round, clearly an easier foe to upset than UNC, Duke or Wake Forest.

Here's the ESPN Preview of our game.
ACCSports take a look at the entire tournament
And finally Larry Hartstein blogs it.

Let's make some magic.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is Michael Johnson going to have to choke a bitch?

He shaves his head, you tremble.

GT > Mercer and Softball sweeps Grand Opening

Georgia Tech bats found a rhythm against the Mercer Bears pulling out 5 homers and 18 hits against 8 different Mercer pitchers. GT's pitching staff got in on the ass kicking striking out 10 Maconites. Wednesday brings KSU to town for baseball.

There's a shadow looming on the horizon, however...ugag reached #1 in most baseball polls this week. It's looking like it could be a top 10 danceoff when the bullfrogs come to ATL on the 25th.

Also, softball took care of business against UT-Martin. The first ever games played on the new field represent a crisp new jewel in the crown of King Radakovich.

And theLegacy Athlete of the Day goes to Kristen Adkins who racked up four hits in the first softball game including a game winning homer. She also pitched the second game, receiving a win in the record books. Pretty impressive.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Georgia Tech players play on TV and in bowl games and do not pump gas after graduation

That is all.

Tech v. Mercer at 4pm

Tech plays my little bro's college, Mercer, at 4:00pm today. The Jackets are looking to assert more of my brotherly dominance. Tech defeated Mercer at the beginning of the basketball season in dramatic overtime fashion in front of a sold out Mercer U. crowd.

Concerning baseball, Mercer is 5-5 and generally not very good. The Bears are batting 0.265 and giving up a 0.280 average to opponents. One offensive star for the Bears is Jacob Tanis who is leading the Bears with 4 homers but otherwise don't look for much production from the Bear bats.

Prediction: Tech 11, Mercer 4.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Definition of Snakebit

If one were to look up the definition of the term "snakebit" one would find the following in the dictionary:

Snakebit [sneyk-bit] adj -
1. Bitten by a snake
2. (In basketball) Losing ten games by two possessions or less
3. (In basketball) Playing in back-to-back overtime games and losing both
4. (In basketball) Losing the last game of the regular season with 1.7 seconds left on a midrange fade away jumper

We've still got Clemson to go this Thursday instead of BC. Preventing a 3-game sweep and progressing to the next round of the ACC tournament does not look impossible with Clemson's performances as of late. Any thoughts on upcoming ACCT or season's ending?

I like tennis skirts (and non-rev sports)

Creepy title, but it's true.

The Georgia Tech Women's Tennis team clinched a big ACC win over 17th ranked FSU yesterday.

Among the Jackets, Noelle Hickey stood out most to me during the match. Upon entering singles play, Noelle was playing decently, but was making too many small mistakes that began to add up very quickly. At one point she began scolding herself during the match, after knocking one too many returns about a foot too far down the court. After a rough 2-6 start in set 1, Noelle got her play together and won her final two sets 7-6 and 6-4. Congratulations, Noelle.

By the way, the Men's Rugby team beat Emory, and I forgot to tell you. My bad. For the final conference standings, they were tied with Kennesaw State, but since they beat that ass during the season, the Jackets take hold of their third consecutive conference title. Very nice, very badass accomplishment, gentlemen.

Also, the softball team christens their new field on Tuesday at 2 o'clock, more to come, however, I want to encourage anyone who can make it to show up. It is the first game the ladies will play on Tech campus, in a beautiful, brand spanking new venue. Good times will be had, but only if you show up. See you there!

Beesball Sweeps

Traveling backwards....

Sunday finished off a warm welcoming weekend into the ACC Season as the Yellow Jackets finished off and swept the Terps 10-7. Big props to Chase Burnett as he broke the 7-7 tie in the 8th inning with a huge 3-run go ahead bomb. However, the game was pretty sloppy as Maryland committed 3 erros and Tech committed 1 but easily could have been given 1 or 2 more.

Saturday was a massacre. 24-3. 24 runs are the most runs scored in an ACC game since GT beat Virginia 27-2. How can you NOT like aluminum bats in the college game?!
Friday was a solid pitching performance by Deck McGuire as he shut the Terps down.

Some key things to look at and think about:
  • We are still very inconsistent offensively although I like seeing some flashes of "small ball" being played this year.
  • If Maryland put up a decent fight in 2 of 3 games, the ACC season will be tough. Bring it on.
  • Relief pitching is shaky. Too many walks......
  • Matt Skole is freaking legit.
Next Game: vs. Mercer, March 10 @ 4pm