Friday, May 8, 2009

Huge baseball series this weekend

Our last three home games are this weekend against FSU. We need wins. Period. Unfortunately for us Chapel Hill plays good-for-nothing NC State and we play #6 FSU. So let's hope for some luck and good ol' fashioned Hall Ball. Last time we played FSU at home things resulted in a lot of tears in my beers. So let's prevent that magnitude of meltdown and kick the crap out of Chief Osceola. An NC State upset or two would be nice as well.

Also, softball starts their ACC tourney run today at 5:00pm against lowly Virginia. Tech is the #1 seed after taking the ACC regular season title by half a game. I'm really happy to see this team succeeding. I used to attend the softball games regularly especially in the Summer of '07. I want to see a game at the new stadium so hopefully we'll be hostin' some fools come tourney time.

Patrick Whaley, GT Civil Engineering student, is listed as being in stable condition at Grady Hospital after being shot by car jackers in Atlanta. Good luck getting back to your feet dude.

Taking a look at our opponents schedule

So we're taking a cue from Gobbler Country and looking at our opponents schedule before and after our respective games with each other. F4H also sympathizes with our October. That month is gonna be Roadtrip Month for sure.

No one has a bye game before or after us which means teams will have the minimum amount of time to prepare for our offensive attack. Jacksonville State has not been included in this list because they'll be our warm-up game.

Date Pre-Game Post-Game
9/10 vs. MTSU vs. BC
at Miami
9/17 bye
vs. UNC
9/26 vs. ECU vs. UVA
at Miss. St.
10/3 vs. LSU vs. Houston
at FSU
10/10 at BC at UNC
10/17 vs. BC vs. UNC
at UVA
10/24 at Maryland vs. Duke
at Vandy
10/31 at USCeast at Florida
vs. Wake
11/7 vs. Miami vs. FSU
at Duke
11/14 vs. UNC vs. Miami
vs. Georgie
11/28 vs. Kentucky

So who has a schedule closest to our October? Where we have only 1 home game against Virginia Tech and its sandwiched in-between Florida State and Virginia. Miami and Vanderbilt get the brutal schedules with Vandy having it worse. The Commodores have us followed by the Gators in The Swamp. No easy task for sure.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pro Basebalol - Ramirez caught juicing

I'm not a super huge baseball fan, but I do love watching college games.

I do like tailgating for pro-baseball games, and every once in a while, I do like to hit up Turner Field for a game.

However, I will never, ever, ever be a pro baseball fan. With the amount of money thrown around and the lack of loyalty or any kind of team pride, it's kind of a joke to me. After John Smoltz left the Braves, I have no reason to care about the team at all.

Now, I don't really care about performance enhancing substances. To be honest, I'm totally fine with letting pro players put whatever they want into their bodies. I think it's alot more impressive without HGH and steroids, but whatever. They are getting paid lots of money to do so, and it's not like they don't already risk their bodies (which is another subject - the D.A.R.E.-like histeria over steroids, I'll cover that another day). However, the rules say you can't juice. Don't juice. It's against the rules.


Now, Ramirez may be innocent of any deceitful intent, as he says a 'doctor' gave him the drugs. Right.

We've never really had a performance enhancing drug discussion on this blog. Personally, I think the NCAA should be 100x stricter on peformance enhancing drugs than any recreational drug testing. I think it is important to retain the amateur status of college sports, and keep the academic/athletic balance of the student-athlete in check (or at least, try to swing it back towards academics). I think the task of being an excellent student while being an excellent athlete is hard enough without the extra focus on athletics that steroids and other drugs bring to the table. After that, though, I don't really care.

What do you think about peformance-enhancing drugs in the pros/college sports?

120 days until football season

118 if you count the Thursday night openers.


Everyone, I survived finals. Of course, now my laptop is in the hands of the friendly people at Dell, so we'll see how much I can post between then and now, then being when my laptop is granted a new lease in life.

Basketball falls short....again

The Academic Progress Report (APR), released today by the NCAA, reveals that the majority of Georgia Tech student-athletes are excelling in the classroom and progressing towards graduation.

Yes, the majority. Now can you guess which sport doesn't fall in the category? BASKETBALL! We "recruit well" but lose. We get the "players we need" but they leave early. Now our Academic Progress Report is not sufficient. The only sport at GT that failed at it. And no matter how you say these reports look at the wrong statistics, it's the same across the board. And F'ING UGA passed! Because of our failing grade, we lose 2 scholariships. Since we were warned about this in July, we already gave them up.

The Yellow Jacket men's basketball team multi-year rate dipped below
the 925 threshold, which triggers an automatic penalty in the loss of
two scholarships. Tech learned in June (2008) that this would be the
likely outcome for the men's basketball program and elected to forego
two scholarships for the 2008-09 season, playing with 11 scholarship
players instead of the maximum of 13. Because of this action, Georgia
Tech anticipates utilizing all 13 scholarships for the 2009-10 season.

Here's the Scoring Chart:

Multi-Year Rate Comparison by Sport:

Team 2006-07 2007-08
Baseball 974 *989
Men's Basketball 931 914
Men's Cross Country 950 974
Football 951 957
Golf 1000 *1000
Men's Swimming 975 970
Men's Tennis 959 961
Men's Indoor Track 951 955
Men's Outdoor Track 949 953
Women's Basketball 957 952
Women's Cross Country 993 993
Softball 967 981
Women's Swimming 997 994
Women's Tennis 985 978
Women's Indoor Track 988 986
Women's Outdoor Track 990 988
Volleyball 990 *1000

Can anything happen right for Paul Hewitt? I don't know you feel sorry for him or what but it sure doesn't cool down his hot seat. It's been 5 years since the 2004 Final Four run in San Antonio. LSU's Jon Brady was dismissed 2 years after the Tiger's run. At what point do you say "Enough"?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ACC vs. SEC in 2009 baseball season

The ever constant debate in the Southeast revolves around tradition, national titles, and conference superiority. This season the ACC and SEC have met 16 times and will meet once more (with three rainouts). Currently, the ACC holds a 9 to 7 edge over the SEC with Tech playing the last SEC game against uga at Turner Field.

The proximity of the two conferences lends itself to constant interconference danceoffs and league comparisons. Here are the results thus far in 2009:

1. Miami swept UF in a 3 game series.
2. FSU took 2 of 3 from Auburn.
3. UF took 2 of 3 from FSU.
4. Georgia swept Clemson in a 2 game series.
5. GT beat Georgia in Athens.
6. South Carolina/Clemson won 2 games a-piece.
7. GT-Tennessee game rained out tonight, which ends any chance of the SEC tying the season series.
8. Tech-Georgia finale at Turner Field.

There's not much to draw from this season's small sample of games other than bragging rights across the cubicle but it's still important in the grand scheme of things to consistently beat your rival and your rival conference.

And in case you bought tickets to the Tech game, you can exchange them for Chattanooga Lookout tickets! Woohoo! What a deal! Anyone keeping a tally on rainouts would note this is the sixth rainout of the season. I'm sure there's a stat book out there somewhere proving this be a GT single season record.

Anyone out there hate the SEC more than me? I doubt it. Bring on the dogs!

Attention High School Basketball Recruits - Watch NBA Playoffs

I was bored this morning and ran a COUNTIF function over the rosters of the 16 NBA playoff teams to see what conference was most represented in the 2009 NBA playoffs starting lineups. Low and behold one conference stood above the rest. Here are my findings:

1. High School/International: 26 players
2. ACC: 13 players
3. Big East: 9 players
4. SEC: 7 players
5. Big 12: 6 players
6. PAC10: 5 players
6. Atlantic 10: 5 players
8. Big 10: 2 players
8. Mountain West: 2 players
8. WAC: 2 players
11. Other: 3 players

If I were an ACC coach, I'd be shoving those numbers in kids' faces every time I visited. Right now the NBA playoffs is really all that's interesting in the sports world since the NFL draft is done and MLB is just starting up. The exposure level for the NBA is at its peak for the year.

And I think this is a huge indictment of the state of Big 10 basketball. The sports programs of the Big 10 with massive fan bases and moneys rollin' in should be putting more talent into the NBA. So goes life. I guess you can't grow speed, height, or jumping ability in the cold.

Any thoughts? Any Hewitt-Haters wanna critique Hewitt's recruitment of NBA one-and-doners? I'm open for anything.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Football reading for those found wanting more

Here's a great entry by Navy blogger Mike. He discusses Paul Johnson and new head coach Ken Niumatalolo's efforts in the wake of Johnson's departure.

Yahoo! has always been my favorite source of sports information but the merger with Rivals is a little annoying. Either way, here's a featurette about Roddy Jones on Rivals. My favorite quote: is amazing we won any games last year," he said. "At the beginning of the year we had some guys make some great plays. When a play would breakdown Josh Nesbitt, Jonathan Dwyer or Demaryius Thomas would go out and make some plays. We were able to win some close games and towards the end of the year when we got used to the offense, things started to click...
This quote is the definition of last season. Josh Nesbitt and Jon Dwyer created big plays early on (BC and VT). The season progressed and we saw some Bebe action (MSU). And finally the A-backs and the offense started to roll (e.g. the U, FSU, and uga).

And since I liked the link about Darryl so much this morning I looked up articles about Michael Johnson and Andrew Gardner.

You better have your reading glasses on.

Tennis Love

Lost among spring football practice and baseball is the sport that claims our only 2 NCAA National Championships, women's tennis. Since that run in 2007, our tennis team has continued to let their presence be felt throughout the NCAA. Their quest for another team title begins Friday at the Bill Moore Tennis Center against Jackson State as the nationally seeded #9 team (out of 16). The winner will face the winner of Ole Miss vs. Denver. This will be their 10th consecutive season in making the tournament.

Once the team championships are over with, the individual tournament begins. Four Yellow Jackets have been selected to battle it out in that competition as well. The highlight of this tournament will be Amanda McDowell as we should all watch her and cheer her on as she fights to defend her title as NCAA Individual Champion. In addition to McDowell, Noelle Hickey, Christie Striplin, and Irina Falconi all earned spots in the tournament. Falconi has earned a National Top-16 Seed.

Chattanooga Lookouts host GT in TN

GT is playing the first of two neutral site games on Wednesday night against the Tennessee Volunteers. Tech is playing in Chattanooga, TN at AT&T Field the current home of the Chattanooga Lookouts. The game is slated for 7:15pm and follows an earlier game with the Lookouts hosting the Jacksonville Suns.

The game's importance comes from the fact that it's on a neutral site in GT recruiting areas as well as SEC recruiting areas. Increased exposure to kids that don't normally get to see GT will definitely help out Danny Hall's TN footholds. And Southeast TN is not that far for anyone looking at a possible relocation to Midtown ATL (e.g. high school seniors).

UT is led offensively by Cody Hawn and Blake Forsythe. Both are the only two Vols with double-digit homers at 18 and 13 dingers, respectively. The team is batting 0.284 as a unit. Defensively, the Vols aren't too terribly impressive with a team ERA of 6.05 (compared to Tech's 4.62). If my real fast and rough math is correct, Tech has played UT 78 times and has won 45 of the games including the last meeting in February of 2006. Tech is 1-0 against the SEC this year and a win would definitely help out the ACC come tourney selection time.

Also, here's a link to an article about Darryl Richard from the Boston Herald. Seems the Bostonians appreciate a little GT intellect.

Any thoughts on GT baseball this season? I'm hoping for a seed in the 8-16 range.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A-Rod book links Kevin Brown to HGH...again

The new Alex Rodriguez book "A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez" written by SI writer Selena Roberts delves into the inner workings of A-Rod's supposedly sadistic mind. I'm personally not really that interested in A-Rod or his crazy-ass life but there was a mention of former Georgia Tech pitcher Kevin Brown in the AP article released today.

Brown played at Tech from 1984-1986 before being drafted by the Rangers in '86. Brown is #4 on Tech's all-time win list (28) and innings pitched list (329). He played for six teams during his 19 year MLB career. He won 211 games and recorded over 2,300 strikeouts featuring a 95mph sinking fastball.

Selena claims that Kevin Brown was sharing HGH with A-Rod during Brown's last MLB years. Brown was already listed in the Mitchell Report so this isn't terribly new information about Kevin albeit he denies the claims in the new book through his lawyer.

What annoys me about this situation is:
1) Who pays for all of these crappy book deals? Seems like there wouldn't be enough people to actually buy these books outside of sports journalists to cover the cost of paying an author.
2) How much longer can people ride on the "Bring Down A-Rod" train? I'm tired of A-Rod stories but apparently the media still loves him.

I'm ready to move on. Baseball definitely is ready to move on.

Anyone wanna talk about good news like Stewart Cink's #3 world ranking or Tech athletes graduating? Or Mario's next challenege in defending Lebron James?

Weekend Diamond Reports

Yes everyone, I am alive. I didn't die or get brutally injured. I was just finishing up my finals. Major thanks to Bird for keeping things going. Now on to the important stuff.


The GT Softball team finished up a rain shortened series with a 2-game sweep over Maryland in College Park on Saturday. The wins solidify the #1 seed for the ACC Tournament and they will face Virginia starting May 8th in Raleigh.
: It's a single elimination tournament so it's literally "Win or Go Home. Go Jackets!

Here is how dominant our softball team has been this year:

Georgia Tech now concludes the regular season having won 13 straight league games and was victorious in all seven ACC series' in 2009 and 10 in a row dating back to last year. Overall, the Yellow Jackets have won 14 of their last 17 games heading into the postseason.


It was a warm-up weekend for the baseball team as the Jackets swept Presbyterian. Sunday was an unleashing of runs as the final score was 23-2. Biggest scare came on Saturday when we needed Jeff Rowland to hit the walk-off home run.

The weekend brought a few changes to the ACC as not everyone played teams like Presbyterian. FSU swept Virginia Tech and took complete control of the Atlantic Divison. The Seminoles have now won 12 in a row and they come to Atlanta this upcoming weekend to end the conference season and to solidify seedings for the tournament. Coastal leader North Carolina has the weekend off.

Current ACC Standings:

School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Florida State 18-7-0 .720 33-12-0 .733
Clemson 16-11-0 .593 32-16-0 .667
Boston College 12-13-0 .480 29-19-0 .604
NC State 8-16-0 .333 22-26-0 .458
Maryland 7-20-0 .259 23-26-0 .469
Wake Forest 6-18-0 .250 21-24-0 .467
School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
North Carolina 16-7-0 .696 35-11-0 .761
Georgia Tech 14-7-1 .659 31-11-1 .733
Virginia 13-8-1 .614 35-9-1 .789
Miami 15-12-0 .556 31-16-0 .660
Duke 12-12-0 .500 29-17-0 .630
Virginia Tech 10-16-0 .385 27-20-0 .57

Once again, it's gonna be a huge upcoming weekend.....