Friday, July 17, 2009

The Legacy's UK Open Scorecord

The only guys that matter in the British Open (as of 1:00 PM EST):

1. Steve Marino: -5 -- finished for the day
T12. Stewart Cink: -1
T94: Matt Kuchar: +6 -- two strokes out from the 2nd day's projected cut
T108: Tiger Woods: +7
T108: David Duval: +7

Chapel Hill Women: The Girls of UNC

Dane is very busy getting the T-Book out the door to the publisher. He probably wishes he could post pictures of hot girls from rival schools. It's ok, I'll sacrifice my time.

Playboy Model Evelyn Gray

A little old-school action

Have a good day.

Football Countdown: 50

50 Days until football...

The Friday Random 10

Today's Random 10 is brought to you by the GTG's and their video "The Ratio". I ran into this video over the week and forgot how funny (and real) it is. Look for them again this football season!

And now on to the 10!

10. Ms. Jackson - Outkast
9. As Your Voice Fades - Emery
8. Strangers - The Kinks (video is of The Mighty Boosh, a weird but addicting British show)
7. Off the Grid - The Beastie Boys
6. Hot - Missy Elliott (Ratatat Remix)
5. East Bound and Down - Jerry Reed
4. Down on the Corner - Creedence Clearwater Revival (Concert cut)
3. Guitar - Cake
2. Ragged as the Road - Reckless Kelly
1. I Wonder - Kanye West

Gotta say, I do like Kanye West, way to close it out.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ball Security Issue: Touches per Turnover

On slightly more negative note, I've decided to turn my attention to turnovers per touch or simply: How many plays does it take before a specific player turns the ball over?

My biggest concern and a lot of fans' concerns about the option we are running revolves around the sheer volume of fumbles increasing because our number of carries is increasing and/or the pitches are dangerous. I think it's a hotly debated issue and probably shouldn't be. I personally think our fumble rate is more dependent on the backs running the offense than the offense itself. A prime example would be Joe Burns the fumbling machine versus Tashard Choice, a man who hardly ever fumbled. So do not crucify me when you notice Nesbitt, Dwyer, and Roddy at the bottom of this list. Once again, same criteria of 100 touches during the CCG/CPJ Era.

Chart includes rank in this system, position played, name, total touches (returns, pass attempts, rushes, receptions), career lost fumbles, career interceptions, percentage of touches that resulted in a turnover, and average number of plays before a turnover.

I think Nesbitt is hurt by the transition period of CCG->CPJ. The other issue is that a lot of Nesbitt's fumbles are poor QB-center exchanges. And Nesbitt haters/Jaybo lovers can't find much solace in this chart. After tabulating all of Jaybo's stats, he has a very high 5.75% turnover rate.

I will admit several flaws in the system. It only penalizes lost fumbles not total fumbles. It also penalizes QB's for tipped interceptions. So goes life. The stats are in their names so they go down in history as their turnovers.

Winning Percentages through the decades

A friend of mine sent me this about 2 days ago. What can you pick out of these graphs?

Bobby Dodd: 1945-1966
Bud Carson: 1967-1971
Bill Fulcher: 1972-1973
Pepper Rodgers: 1974-1979
Bill Curry: 1980-1986
Bobby Ross: 1987-1991
Bill Lewis: 1992-1994
George O'Leary: 1995-2001
Chan Gailey: 2002-2007
Paul Johnson: 2008-Present

From 1904-1966, Georgia Tech was a dominant force in college football. The Yellow Jackets had just three coaches during that span and looked to be the "Notre Dame of the South" (yes, that used to be a compliment). Since that time, the Jackets have gone through 9 head coaches in search for the one to bring us back to glory.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Joe Hamilton: GT Hall of Famer

On November 6th, one of the Institute's favorite sons, Joe Hamilton will be inducted into the Georgia Tech Hall of Fame along with 5 other GT athletes Coley Harvey has reported.

Congratulations Joe!

Have a favorite Joe Hamilton memory? Post it in the comments!

I have two: 1. When Joe both passed and received for a touchdown in the Gator Bowl against Notre Dame and 2. When I was finally able to meet the man last year during the Miami game. Now I just got to drive him around in the Reck...

Touchdowns per Touch

I'm on a touchdown per play kick right now. I'm digging deep into's data to pull out some more interesting information for all the GT fans. I had to truncate my data diving to CCG/CPJ Era players and players with a minimum of 100 touches. This means they played in 2002-2008 seasons and the data includes their 1999-present statistics. Even the non-stat people will like some of the basic observations about this list highlighted in yellow.

The data is broken down by rank in this system, position, name, # of touches, touchdowns (receive, return, rush, pass), and % of touches that result in a touchdown. I really don't want to do the negative version (turnovers per touch) but I think I might eventually.

Josh's stats seem rough compared to Reggie's because Josh doesn't get credit for good reads that go the distance while Reggie did get credit for good passes to Calvin that went for 6. An interesting comparison is the backfield comparison of Reggie/Tashard/PJ versus Josh/Diesel/Roddy. The Chan backfield trio went the distance 3.54% of their offensive plays while CPJ's backfield trio goes the distance 4.73% of the time. This doesn't account for the Cox Bros., Rashaun Grant, or Chris Woods but I think it's interesting.

I'd also like to note that anyone doubting Calvin's greatness can look at the stats. He took it to the house once every 6.67 plays. Greatness. And in case you were wondering, Calvin's average is one touchdown per 7.82 plays in the NFL.

As a supplemental group, here're some guys that I thought I could also provide data on. They were legit role players who didn't make the 100 touch limit I set for the first data grouping.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Football Countdown: 53

Getting closer every day...

News Blitz and Random Links

The AJC blows. Therefore the Macon Telegraph gets all my attention thanks to Coley Harvey. Here's what he's been talking about if you don't read him (which you should all be doing).

Random Georgia Tech Summer Thoughts:

  • HT to Tomahawk Nation yesterday as he found this link from Dave Wommack discuss the rover LB position, AKA "The Wolf". He wrote this back at USM. Would strongly s
  • The Ramblin' Reck is back on campus a few weeks of maintenance work in a local body shop. A pair of bright LED taillights has just been added.
  • Nikki Meyer is on campus, though she has not been spotted. I will buy someone a Junior's chicken finger plate for whoever gets me a picture.
  • Mickey Andrews talks GT Offense
  • F4H at GobblerCountry tells a "journalist" to stick it and that offensive lines still DO MATTER
  • cgb at CollegeGameBalls gives you 2004-2008 wins and losses statistics for every team in cfb over the past few years. Do you like statistics? I do! Click here to check it out. FYI, GT averages 7.8 wins and 5 losses over the past 5 years.
And finally, since Dane dropped the ball on the Girls of UNC on Friday (He's crazy busy with the T-Book), here's a little Longhorn Love. Apparently they got new turf for their football field. I'm not sure, I got a little distracted:

Expect the "Girls of...." series to be back on Friday. UNC will not be skipped. Rest assured of that my friends. Good day to you all!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Football Countdown: 54

54 Days....

Industrial Touchdown Complex and Guarantees

I was looking at an interesting statistic this morning - Touchdowns per offensive play. What team in the ACC is a touchdown producing machine? Here's the ranking of the 12 ACC teams' percentage of O plays that go the distance:

12. UVA - 2.96%
11. Duke - 3.13%
10. VT - 3.38%
9. Wake Forest - 3.39%
8. BC - 3.92%
7. MD - 4.30%
6. NCSU - 4.43%
5. Clemson - 4.81%
4. GT - 5.00%
3. Miami - 5.11%
2. UNC - 5.45%
1. FSU - 5.66%

And in an even more interesting look, here's the breakdown of percentage of defensive and special teams plays that result in a defensive or return TD:

12. MD - 0.10%
11. UVA - 0.11%
10. NCSU - 0.31%
9. Clemson - 0.32%
6. GT - 0.33%
6. Wake - 0.33%
6. Miami - 0.33%
5. Duke - 0.35%
4. VT - 0.58%
3. UNC - 0.59%
2. FSU - 0.69%
1. BC - 0.83%

And finally, here's the breakdown of how often every ACC team scored per defensive/offensive/special teams play. PAT's and 2PT attempts are not factored in while FG's, safeties, and all TD's are:

12. MD - 1.96%
11. UVA - 2.47%
10. NCSU - 2.74%
9. Clemson - 2.82%
8. GT - 3.02%
7. Wake - 3.09%
6. Miami - 3.22%
5. Duke - 3.31%
4. VT - 3.47%
3. UNC - 3.61%
2. FSU - 3.66%
1. BC - 4.60%

So basically, because BC has such a good scoring D and special teams, they make up for having a below average offense. VT's offense needs to pick it up when their defense is kicking so much ass. Interesting numbers, in my opinion. Take what you want from them. I kind of think of them as a frustration factor. When you put up points, you're happy. Your team gets momentum. It deflates the other team. It affects the outcome of the game directly. Scoring quickly also affects the crowd.

Here are some guarantees that you can take to the bank:

5. The primary GT QB will not pass for 50% - Hasn't happened since Reggie's freshman year 5 seasons ago.
4. A GT rusher will rush for 1,000 yards - Has happened 4 of the last 6 seasons.
3. A Tech school will make the ACCCG - This has happened every year since the inception of the ACCCG. Both are preseason favorites in all the polls/magazines.
2. GT will make a bowl - The vast number of bowls guarantees GT at least a bowl birth at the end of the season continuing the 12 season post-season participation streak. At least 6 wins will come from our relatively favorable schedule.
1. Tech will win against GA in ATL - Tech is 21-16-1 following a win against Georgia. Tech is 12-8-1 in Atlanta following a W. Let's take hold of the momentum.

Intersting Monday News

Yahoo! or SI
Simon Fraser is the first non-US based school to enter the NCAA. Simon Fraser will participate as a Division II basketball school.

This is an interesting read by Seth Davis on the rules of releasing players out of their LOI's or running them off (e.g. Calipari). There are also some interesting tidbits about Isiah Thomas and his new position as FIU head coach.

Ex-Hurricanes Coach Larry Coker starts over at UT-San Antonio. He's pulling a Bill Curry and starting a football team from nothing.

Blog World
God hates NC State or at least YANCSSB thinks so.

Early release video of GT vs. VT from NCAA 2010 on College Game Balls. I don't expect to see Roddy throw a pass this season. Maybe Bay Bay.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Football Countdown: 55