Saturday, June 27, 2009

NCAA 2010 Ridiculousness

The Yellow Jacket Marching Band

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Friday, June 26, 2009

NBA Draft Recap

The NBA Draft was last night but no one gave a crap because the King of Pop passed away. Talk about terrible timing for a league trying to rejuvenate its depleted fan base.

A quick conference recap shows us what conferences won in the Draft and which conferences didn't show up. The first round featured the traditional three basketball conferences leading the way with six picks (ACC, Big East, and Pac 10). 5 dudes were taken in the first that didn't go to school at all. An interesting note concerning BCS vs. Midmajor was that 21 of 30 first rounders and 17 of the 30 second rounders came from BCS schools. The Midmajors only accounted for 12 of the 60 draft picks.

Because I like to dog the SEC's complete futility outside of baseball/football/women's gymnastics, I will point out that the SEC was tied for 5th most picks with only 3 alongside the likes of the West Coast Conference, Conference USA, and the Big 12.

UNC, of course, had the most picks with 4 followed by UConn with 3, 11 schools had 2 picks, and 21 other schools were represented by at least 1 draft pick. The most represented conference was the Big East with 7 schools having at least one player drafted. The most represented conference by percentage was the Pac 10, which had 5 schools represented in the Draft or 50% of the conference.

Here's a more statistical breakdown in the following format - Rank. Conference Total Picks (First Rounders):

1. Big East - 12 Picks (6)
2. ACC - 9 Picks (6)
2. Pac 10 - 9 Picks (6)
4. Atlantic 10 - 4 Picks (0)
5. Big 12 - 3 Picks (1)
5. SEC - 3 Picks (1)
5. West Coast - 3 Picks
5. Conference USA - 3 Picks (1)
9. Big 10 - 2 Picks (1)
10. SoConn - 1 Pick (1)
10. Colonial Athletic - 1 Pick (1)

No College - 10 Picks (5)

The Big 10 IS TERRIBLE. Good God. Wanna know why they can't win the Big 10-ACC Challenge. Look at the NBA Draft. Talent is not everything but it sure doesn't hurt in hoops.

Any thoughts or chunks of info you'd like to spew at us? Michael Jackson fans may or may not be welcome depending on which era they're a fan of: 1) Rhinestone-studded-glove Thriller Era fans welcome 2) Baby swingin', Mask Wearin' Era fans not really welcome.

Sorry Heather, you've lost me


Really, Heather? Really? Spiller? We have to wait for Dwyer to prove he is consistent, while Spiller has proved to be consistently worse every year? Give me a break.


"First, let's see Dwyer sustain his success now that defensive coordinators have had an off-season to really key in on him and Georgia Tech's offensive scheme. Dwyer is a more complete pure runner than No. 1, but he's not as versatile."

If she puts Tyrod Taylor there... I don't know what to say. I think she's wrong, but it will be easily remedied once we win the Coastal title this year.

However, her comments make me believe that she is going to name an overrated running back, whose offensive output has declined every year he has played, to the #1 spot.

But who knows, she may end up putting Nesbitt... maybe? Maybe? Maybe she can redeem herself still.

Party in the city where the heat is on: Miami women preview

It's that time again. This week, we preview our miniature vacation to Miami. If you have ever been to Miami (which I have not, I just watch a lot of Burn Notice), you know that everyone there is super hot. However, Google searches bring up mucho porn, and the ratio of gorgeous women in Miami to gorgeous women at the University of Miami is pretty high, so it was kind of hard to find UM women. However, I found these - little heavy on the cheerleaders, but for some reason I don't think that is going to elicit any complaints.

Just kidding, those were USC song girls, but screw it, I like 'em.

Have a good day.

Friday Random 10: PSA Style

This week's Random 10 is brought to you by the Georgia Tech PSA. The 2009 PSA is being filmed this year with some Mini-500 flair, so be on the lookout.

In the meantime, here are the 2008 and 2007 PSA's. An awesome one with the Ramblin' Reck and the weird one with the mechanical arm. Enjoy!


And Bird's favorite....

And now on to the Random 10:

10. Buddy Holly - Weezer
9. Elevators - Outkast
8. Suck my Kiss (Live) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
7. Sloop John B - The Beach Boys
6. Sea of Monsters - The Beatles
5. The World We Live In - The Killers
4. Story of a Lonely Guy - Blink-182
3. I Can't Quit You Baby - Led Zeppelin
2. No More Love - Shinedown
1. Long Line of Cars - Cake

Now that's more of a shuffle, unlike last week (why do I have the Killers on my iTunes?). Yall should know the drill now, play your music on shuffle, give me what you got!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Much love from HD

Heather Dinich has been counting down the ACC's Top 30 Players, and has obviously been saving the best for last. No Yellow Jackets were listed until the Top 10, with Derrick Morgan and the always badass Morgan Burnett coming in at 7th.

While last year's D-line seniors were absolutely amazing, Derrick did not look out of place. At times he was a complete machine... Florida State's line literally had to cheat their asses off to prevent him from getting a safety.

And of course, here is Morgan Burnett doing what he does best.

Now, we can expect Jon Dwyer to be listed at the top of the list... but what about Nesbitt? I don't know if he would be listed in the top 5, but I think it's kind of wrong that he was left off this list. The only justification for doing so is the amount of time he didn't play last year... if he manages to stay healthy this year and increase his output like CPJ expects, he may even out-MVP Dwyer for the season. Let's face it, Dwyer will probably see less snaps this season, but it is going to be pretty hard to replace Josh when it comes to keeping the offense humming.

What do you guys think? Will we see Nesbitt on this list? Will he be there next year?

Coach Gailey: The Movie

I was tooling around on IMDB and thought about the production of a major motion picture. A mixture of documentary, science fiction, and sports movie. I came up with Coach Gailey. Gailey (Gene Hackman) is the central figure as the story chronicles his rise to fame as a Cowboys/Phins coach, eventual Tech head coaching gig, and finally as a KC Chiefs coordinator.

The story has twists and turns including epic victories and defeats, crime, team in-fighting, and eventually aliens. It's a helluva moving picture show narrated by none other than James Earl Jones. Other superstars include Steve Buscemi as the fish out of water Patrick Nix, John Salley as the friend and confidant Paul Hewitt, and even a brief cameo by Nicolas Cage.

Here's the IMDB complete cast:

Anyone else you'd like to see portrayed in the Chan Gailey Movie? Would you pay 10 dollars to see it?

Fun with Flash

Eagle in Atlanta shows us a fun Flash program put out by BC Marketing. Looks eerily similar to an Arizona State Flash program...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I wish this was funny

Holy s*$#!

Wednesday T-Book Tutorings

It's the Dead Time. It's the period of the season where people become desperate to talk about anything regarding college football in the slightest. For instance, ScalpEm and Tomahawk Nation complain about their football players getting arrested and stealing parking boots, Block-C worries about Clemson selling itself for US News Rankings, cgb posts just random crap all week, and over at Gobbler Country, F4H frets about what to title his link entries. Probably the most productive of the group has been Brian from BC Interruption. Instead of racking his brain trying to write about something, he decided to get married. Talk about good timing.

Yes, it's the dead period. But we shall all survive.

Something that will hopefully become a staple every Wednesday during this slow, hot summer is what I'll call (for now) "T-Book Tutorings". It will be an entry where I'll post a passage from the 2008-2009 Georgia Tech T-Book. The T-Book is the ultimate guide to the history, spirit and traditions of the Institute. It is primarily geared towards freshmen but all are encouraged to obtain a copy. These entries will also be in anticipation of the publishing of the 2009-2010 version of the Book, set to come out just as the freshmen arrive on campus in August.

This week's entry discusses how to steal the "T" off Tech Tower:

Tech Tower has been a defining symbol of the Institute since it was built in 1888. The infamous, five foot tall “TECH” signs were added to the tower by the class of 1922 during their freshman year in order to “light the spirit of Tech to the four points of the compass.” The practice of stealing the ‘T’ began in 1969. A group of students calling themselves “The Magnificent Seven” stole the ‘T’ in honor of Georgia Tech President Edwin D. Harrison’s retirement.

The ‘T’ has been removed from Tech Tower enough times that there is now a traditional way to do it. The ‘T’ on the East side of the tower should be taken first because it faces I-75/I-85. If the first ‘T’ is gone, one should continue around the tower in clockwise fashion; after all the ‘T’s have been captured the ‘H’s come next followed by the ‘E’s and finally the ‘C’s. After successfully stealing the ‘T,’ students traditionally returned it to the president. However, fear of punishment has caused more recent thieves to keep the ‘T’ as a souvenir of their achievement.

Over the years, Georgia Tech leadership has had differing opinions regarding the stealing of the ‘T’. Sometimes the practice was overlooked and at one time even endorsed as “among the all-time greatest rituals.” Now, however, it is strictly forbidden due to safety and liability concerns. High-tech security features such as pressure-sensitive roof tiling, fiber optic cables, and an audible alarm have been added to the “TECH” sign in order to discourage its theft. No one can blame a person for concocting a plan “so that he would have what every Tech man needed, his own glowing yellow T for a conversation piece.”

Unfortunately, students are not encouraged to steal the "T" off Tech Tower anymore. But that does not hinder anyone from stealing T's off any other building or sign around campus. It's not vandalism. It's tradition!

Any thoughts or stories about how you valiantly tried to steal the T or complete some other Tech tradition are welcome.

The smell of pigskin is in the air...

source AP/Yahoo!
In case you didn't know, that's Calvin in a stripped down Lions uniform. Also, NFL Minicamps started up yesterday. Football, at the highest level, starts in 46 days on Hall of Fame Weekend. I'm pretty excited. I know Dane hates the NFL but you gotta love seeing old Tech players succeeding (sort of) at the next level. Calvin is getting mad hype and exposure. If the Lions hadn't drafted a QB first overall to temporarily distract the media, Calvin would've been the only "positive" story in Detroit this year.

Also, I hear furrer4heisman had a good time in the ATL hanging with Dane/Winfield. I'm glad. I miss that town...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Linkage

The crime rate is soaring around the GT campus. Makes sense. There are no low-skill jobs 'cause NO ONE is hiring. Ask my little brother. Hence, burglary (a low-skill job) is becoming more and more prevalent. My window got busted out at the local Japanese steakhouse about 2 weeks ago (in Flo-town). I didn't have anything in the car but let it be a warning to you all. Make sure you keep your I-pods and change in your pockets, not your console, when you leave your car for Hibachi.

Congrats to David Duval for finishing Second in the U.S. Open. Duval is now $559,830 richer. Of course, that's before taxes.

Also, the Yankees come to ATL this week along with Tech great Mark Teixeira. The guy is a diesel. I wish he had stayed with the Braves. And since I like to combine Wieters with Teixeira as a general rule, here's a good AJC article about Baltimore-Wieters-mania.

source Yahoo!/AP

The All-Gailey Team

In an old media guide, players were designated to the All-Heisman/Alexander Era Teams, All-Dodd Era Teams, and All-Post Dodd Era Teams. I personally thought it was merely pandering to the football alum during the Dodd Era because they were the big time donors at the time (in their 50's and up).

So I came up with the idea of an All-Gailey Team. Some choices are obvious, some took a little thinking. I compiled some highlights/interviews/links of all the different players, too. Without further adieu, here's my selections for the All-2002 to 2007 Football Team:

QB - Reggie Ball (2, 3)
RB - Tashard Choice (2)
RB - PJ Daniels
FB - Mike Cox
WR - Calvin Johnson (2, 3)
WR - Freddie Smith
TE - John Paul Foschi
OL - Andrew Gardner (2)
OL - Hugh Reilly
OL - Nate McManus
OL - Mansfield Wrotto
OL - Nat Dorsey

DL - Michael Johnson (2)
DL - Eric Henderson
DL - Darrell Robertson
DL - Vance Walker
DL - Darryl Richard
LB - Daryl Smith
LB - Keyaron Fox
LB - Philip Wheeler
CB - Kenny Scott (2)
CB - Reuben Houston
FS - James Butler
SS - Dawan Landry

Special Teams
K - Travis Bell
P - Durant Brooks
KR/PR - Freddie Smith
ST - Chris Reis

Honorable Mention: LB - Gary Guyton, LB - Gerris Wilkinson (2), DL - Joe Anoai, WR - Kerry Watkins

This is up to debate especially along the lines. I'm sure some would argue for Travis Parker at DT and Kamichael at LB. Both are legit. Thoughts/suggestions are welcome.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Legacyx4's US Open Scorecard

The only people worth following are the leaders, GT dudes, Tiger, and Phil. The rest are bums. Here's a shakedown of the Legacy's scorecard:

1 Lucas Glover -4
2 Phil Mickelson -3
T-3 David Duval -2
T-7 Tiger Woods E
T-27 Stewart Cink +6
T-92 Cameron Tringale Out
T-108 Matt Kuchar Out

Duval has come out of nowhere to have an incredibly strong Open. Mad props. Play resumes at 9AM so these scores should change a bit. Will update.

Also of note, a recruit from my high school verbally committed to Tech. He's the first player to ever be offered a scholarship from Tech from Loganville. I thought that was pretty cool.

First Look at NCAA 2010

Who would have thought 2-minute quarters could be so much fun?

This past weekend was a simple one. F4H from GobblerCountry came in from Oklahoma for a few days and we showed him to drink beer that is greater than 3.2 ABV. I don't think I am allowed to complain about Georgia drinking laws anymore. The 2nd highlight of the weekend was NCAA 10's demo being downloaded on the XBox. I jotted down some quick notes in my first single player game and then my first head-to-head matchup against my friend Yancey.

If you want read some other blogger reviews, check out CollegeGameBalls and EDSBS.

Single-Player Game

* First Thought: Freaking Sweet!
* All-American Level, I am Florida
* Computer wins toss. It doesn’t matter. The computer always picks to receive first
* Offensive and Defensive Gameplans: I need to play around with those. Kind of thrown off for a little bit
* I like the new camera angles w/ the kickoff
* Burned by player Lock! D-Lineman, camera switches, dump pass to tight end, couldn’t (or didn’t know how) to switch out of it, 60 yard touchdown. (Now I realize you can't switch out of player lock)
* Option right pitch. Tebow -> #2 Jeffrey Demps, 72 yard TD Run
* End of Q1: 7-7 game. I love these graphics!
* OU had all the time in the world. Passing TD. Manual switching to DB FAIL. Oh yea, it was 3rd and way long too.
* Tebow = Hoss
* OMG Erin Andrews!!!!!!! EA Sports constantly reminds me that she will track me as I work my way up through the ranks of CFB. What they don’t mention is that once I win the Heisman, we go back and have a sexy party.
* Pretty cool passing angle. No more aerial views, it's more of a field level view. Reading right above QB’s head. Will be interesting for head-to-head later.
* Have to settle for a field goal to end the half. 14-10. Sooners
* Was skeptical about the passing camera angle. But it is absolutely awesome. If you throw into double coverage you are a complete moron now. That being said, I throw into double coverage A LOT! Dane knows this all too well...
* Just got nailed and the ball just lobbed up there. Less and less this is becoming video game football.
* Tebow throws a pick
* Just missed sacking Bradford in the end zone. Complete pass. FRUSTRATION!
* Things that are annoying: Dlinemen getting caught in an OL’s grip and there is no way of snaking out of it
* End of 3: 14-10 with OU knocking on the door inside the 5-yard line
* Good goaline defense stop. OU hits a field goal 17-10.
* This upcoming drive is where men are made
* 2-minute quarters blow. Given the ball with 40 seconds left.
* Desperation heave swatted away. 17-10 Final.

Head –to-Head

* Comment from Yancey: “Take Erin Andrews on an adventure” Alllriiiighhttt
* Game: Me OU. Yancey UF
* New Discovery: You can commit your defense to Run/Pass. Yancey stuffs my initial run attack.
* Interception by me. This passing angle is growing on me
* WTF on gameplan for 2 people. Can’t see any changes
* Boo Slip Screen not working like in 2009!
* Fake Punt on 4th and 15 results in 65 yard run. Yancey curses.
* Offensive player lock on player is not cool
* Desperation half-time Hail Mary WTF. Yancey scores. Manual switch to DB FAIL
* 14-10 at half Sooners
* WTF Fumble. Tebow fumbles. UF Recovers for a TD after OU just falls over. NOT COOL
* Bradford throws into triple coverage. (Slaps forehead!). Escaped barely with the ball getting knocked down
* 21-17 me after 3 quarters
* Gators turnover on downs w/ 55 seconds left, yes!
* Audibles won’t come up w/ 2 player. Interesting….you actually have to know what you're picking.
* Tebow's desperation heave knocked down.
* Final Score, Me 21 Yancey 17

This demo is pretty fun and I can't wait to play at Ga. Tech with our revamped offense. No more horrible Triple Option running! The controls are all basically the same which helps out a lot. A lot of the improvements are small things that add up such as graphics, pre-game activities, ERIN ANDREWS, and customizable options.