Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to Reality

We are all excited about the one year future of Georgia Tech basketball here in the Dirty-Dirty. But alas, we did play a game last night. Well, maybe 1 half of basketball. Duke had a miserable offensive game last night. We even had them beat out in 3-point percentages. But when it comes down to it, Duke is so technically sound, even when they have a bad day, you still lose by 14. Look at these key numbers:

Free-Throw Shooting (Dear God)
Duke: 16/27 (.593)
GT: 7/19 (.368)

Duke: 8
GT: 18

The first half the crowd, was rockin' but I have seen it before against Duke, UNC, Wake Forest, etc. A rockin' first half where we have the lead or keep it close, only to completely run out of gas in the 2nd half. We looked like we out-hustled but we actually just out-energized because of inefficiency. Duke is just the better team and knows how to grind it out and get it done. No matter how much we hate Duke, we could learn a lot from that squad.

Derrick Favors plays on ESPN2 @ 9PM EST if you wanna see the man in action.

Derrick Favors COMMITS!

Derrick Favors: Know him well

Yesterday evening, right before the Duke tip-off, the gem of Paul Hewitt's recruiting history committed to play basketball at Georgia Tech. The addition of Derrick Favors to an already pretty solid recruiting class simply raises the potential of next year and increases the imagination of the Georgia Tech fan of the success we could have. Imagine the possibilities!

If potential were a penny, we'd be millionaires at Georgia Tech. Hopefully, this will restore faith back into Georgia Tech basketball and Paul Hewitt. God knows, Hewitt needs as much support as he can get. Favors will likely only be here for a year, but he has a chance to give a now mediocre program a glimpse of its past and what its future could be. Another positive that comes from this...the Favors committment can keep Iman Schumpert and Gani Lawal from getting frustrated and leaving early for the NBA. The combination of those 3 on the court can be mind-boggling. And those thoughts and hopes are worth enough for now.

Check out ACCSports, as they discuss the Favors commitment with a few other recruiting gurus and such.

AJC's viewpoint

Macon Telegraph's viewpoints

Here's a quick profile/interview with Derrick Favors along with some highlights:

And finally, I give you this video of some disgusting Derrick Favors highlights where he put up 42 points, 20 rebound, and 12 blocked shots. Enjoy!

Derrick Favors commitment to Tech numbed the bad taste of losing to Duke like we did last night. Some thoughts on that game later today. In the meantime, what do you think will happen to Georgia Tech basketball now with Favors coming? How does this affect your opinion on Paul Hewitt?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Derrick Favors to decide TODAY

Highly touted, and arguable #1 recruit in all the land, Derrick Favors will announce his decision as to where he will play basketball @ 6:30 PM at the ESPN Zone, right before the Duke game.

A response to his decision and tonight's game will come late tonight or early tomorrow here on this blog.

Derrick, Come on down and play for the Jackets!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Puke Tomorrow

This game can make the season and it's time to turn it around. The Jackets are 0-2 in the ACC and it's not going to get any easier with back-to-back games against Clemson and Wake Forest at the end of the month. Tomorrow, Duke comes to town toting their 33% 3-Point shooting just overall good white boy basketball.

We play to the level of our competition which should (hopefully) mean that the trend continues and we will have an exciting game in the AMC tonight.

What do we need to do? Good God, it seems so simple but there are 3 things:

  1. Defend the 3-point shot

  2. Hit Free throws--hah!

  3. Know how to run an offense. Move around or something!
Like I said, simple eh?

I always enjoyed this picture

What is an x-factor element that GT needs to take this game and turn the season around?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday morning review - the Terpacle

Damn you Maryland. 28 turnovers. We host the Dukies on Wednesday. That should be an interesting little danceoff. If we can play the whole game like we did against uga and the FANS COME TO THE GAME, then we'll have a shot. I mean come on, I live 250 miles away. I'd go to every game if I could. Attendance and wins/losses are slightly related.

If we win, people show up. On the other hand, if you show up, then the opponent plays worse. So either way people coming to games = good. The term "home-field advantage" is not just some made up word from Imagination Land.

I'm particularly interested in following the return of Mo Miller. AJC reports he's playing with a face mask in practice now. We need more guards to open up the floor for Lewis and our other three-ballers.

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