Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good news and VT sucks

So here's some really good news for Fball and baseball fans. Jerrard Tarrant was reinstated today after all charges were dropped against him. I still don't understand how there was ever a case against him. The charges were pretty weird. Also good news of note, Marx Teixeira set up an endowment for a baseball scholarship. It never hurts to have alumni giving back. The story actually inspired me to buy my season ticket about 10 minutes ago...well I actually bought it before I read the story but the story made me even more proud to be a Yellow Jacket.

Cheers to a possible GT Victory Tonight!

Question: What happens when you drive slowly through Blacksburg?
Answer: You get a degree.

Question: Why doesn't the Hokie basketball team have ice in their coolers?
Answer: The guy with the recipe graduated.

To Hell with VT! Give 'em Hell GA Tech!