Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ethical dilemma

This week we are presented with an ethical dilemma that does not involve women, drinking, or escaping the law. The question is simply do we play/risk Josh Nesbitt against the Canes or do we rest him for ugag? Jaybo is clearly a competent backup in that he knows the system but he simply isn't a game breaker like Nesbitt.

In my opinion, Tech handles Miami with a healthy Nesbitt. Hell, Tech has a good shot against ugag with a 100% Nesbitt.

So do we rest him and risk our 1/500 shot at the ACCCG or do we play him, possibly beat Miami, but have a severely weakened offense against the dogs?

According to the AJC, Jahi will most likely be back as will Vance. Both players lining up against the Canes will be huge.