Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miami: Georgia Tech's BITCH since 2004

Georgia Tech Football in human form

A friend of mine sent this to me from a Miami Hurricanes message board last night:

This may just be me but I associate rivals with pure, unadulterated hate. When I see someone wearing a rival's gear, I have to remind myself about appropriate social conduct to keep me from tripping said rival and spitting in their face. And I know a team is a rival when I know just as much about their football team and history as my own. <-- Just in case we get into an argument about which school is superior (which UM always is ). As for Ga. Tech, I don't know anything about them except that their coach is Paul Johnson, they run some crazy ass offense, and their guys make my guys eat grass with just one stiff arm. Also, if I were to see someone wearing GT gear walk past me, I think my inclination would be to hang my head down in shame and think "(sigh) .. maybe next year." So, by my definition of what a rival is, no, GT is not a rival. They are our pimp and we are their bitch. And it'll stay this way till we beat them and then beat them over and over again. It's unacceptable that we haven't beat GT since joining the ACC. They own us right now. It's not a rivalry when you can't beat the other team.
I agree with this poster for the most part. It's not a rivalry when you can't beat the other team....except for IN-STATE rivalries. In-state rivalries are in complete leagues of their own. In-state rivalries reek of hatred no matter the long or short term series record. You will hear about your team losting at work, at church, and at your kid's sports game. The sight of your rivals logo makes you want to vomit. That is a rivalry. Simply not being able to beat a team makes you frustrated. We should know, we played Florida State.

This is not just because Ga. Tech was on the side that couldn't win. Just ask furrer4heisman over at Gobbler Country what we're talking about here. VT has won 5 in a row and 9 of the past 10. Is it a rivalry? Hell yeah it is. There is enough hate to keep that rivalry going.